Thursday, March 27, 2008


Seriously. I can't get full. Well, ok, I can GET full, but then like 30mins later I'm hungry again. It started on Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday and I ate lunch :40mins ago, and seriously I'm hungry again. It it wasn't a salad girly type lunch either.

I had.... a pita filled with 3/4 can of tuna fish, some veggie chips (certainly not ONE of the prescribed servings, I'm sure), a piece of mozzarella cheese AND a girl scout cookie.

And, I still have to go down for my session with Daniel. However will I NOT wither away? HA!

2 weeks ago I was barely eating, surviving on something like 800 calories a day cause I felt like such crap. Then I was able to work out again, slowly getting hungry again - then BAM after that 5hr bike ride I got REALLY hungry, and well... it just hasn't stopped!

Good thing my training is gearing up. AND, good thing I've been able to run again! I made it both of my runs so far this week, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow will go well too! After my run I am going back to see the Dr. for ART session, and we'll see what he says!

Yippee! Things are looking up :-)

OH - and the CDA folks. I heard they just got MORE snow. I'm thinking that lake is gonna be PRETTY darn cold. Spokane Al, you are gonna have to keep us updated on that!


Judi said...

That happens to me when I do my 4 hour runs. I am s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g.

Paul said...

I've got the same issue! I find beer helps.

momo said...

its going to be flippin' cold in that water with all that snow run-off. the water temperature today is 38.5 degrees. although i just checked their table data and on 3/27/07 it was 38.5 too, so maybe we're ok...

Bigun said...

something wrong with eating everyting in sight? I'm seriously suprised you had anything left to eat after I got through.

Supalinds said...

Yesterday I wrote down everything I ate, and then showed everyone at work, because it was 3 pages long :)