Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life After

We're just over 3 weeks post Ironman. I know everyone else is starting their freakout modes of what is next.... I must figure out my Ironman plan!! I guess since I signed up right away from CDA after last year, I didn't' really have this feeling. And, once again... as much as I love having that goal out in front, I'm doing ok not making any big decisions.

There are so many races I want to do. Unfortunately, most of them are big destination races (IM Brazil, Australia, NZ....) so those take a lot of $$ and planning. There are also a couple of NA races I want to do. 1. Canada 2. Wisconsin. Again, unfortunately there are some downfalls. Those are both late summer races, which means peak training in 110degrees plus 70-90% humidity. It's downright miserable here in AZ so I just can't bring myself to sign up for those races right now.

The LaPan's (one in particular) are busy working on some business opportunities that WILL (that was for you honey) eventually make those plans a reality, but for now..I need to just sit back and hold tight.

While Ironman training last year Shane & I decided that we had gotten pretty far away from where we started. Shorter races, more running and fun stuff. We had a blast at the Rocky Point 10K, so we decided we wanted to spend the next year doing some non-ironman stuff. Half Marathons, 10Ks, Olympic Distances and a few half ironman. So, for now, that is my plan. I don't have any set races YET. But, I have my eye on a couple maybes.....

Right now we (shane & I both) are spending July just "exercising" and not following a plan. We are swimming, biking and running.. but minimal distances and time. Of course this is not exactly satisfying when you are used to 20+ hrs of training, so we are keeping ourselves occupied with a mini remodel. In fact last Sunday we spent 12+hours NON-STOP with a "cleanse," big donation trip, organizing and moving of rooms (offices).

Next up we are getting a couple of bids on a bathroom remodel that will give us more storage (i.e. BIGGER CLOSET for my shoes!) and some much needed updating.

When we first moved into the is house 6 years ago we had to do some immediate remodeling and honestly we just lost our mojo. The house was starting to really take the toll and it has been in some desperate need of TLC.. Thankfully it seems we've overcome our remodel phobia and are back in the grove. Not to mention we (ok...I )am far to OCD to go from 20+hrs of training to just working out, so this is keeping me sane.

On the post Ironman body recovery. Mentally, I am there. I want to be out there running 3 days a week, but my IT band is not having that. I've been running twice a week, but only up to 40-45mins. I had 1 ART treatment and that helped, but I think I need a couple more. It's not painful, but I can feel it so I'm sure there's some new scar tissue built up. If it hurts, I'm not running. I'm trying to be "good."

I'm extremely thankful that my neck and nerve issues have not kept me from swimming. Last year after Ironman I was in so much pain I had to take 6 months of from swimming. I've been to the pool 1-2 times per week and even did a 3000yard swim, effortlessly last week. Just because I CAN.

We also did a fun bike ride on Sunday with Dane, the guy who has been working on our bikes, and rebuilt Malibu-Barbie after her 'incident'. Anyway - we had him clean up our road bikes and when we picked them up last week he invited us to ride with him on Sunday. We told him it was our first time back in the saddle post IM and we weren't exactly going to be "hammering it." He said no problem, he was helping some rookies learn to climb better.. Help, climbing? We're in.

This is what happened to us.... Do you see my HR? Yah - it would go from peaking in the 180s to "recovering" in the 170's. Needless to say we didn't last 2hrs :-) It did feel fantastic to push that hard though! Oh, and BTW - the rookies didn't show so it was us getting our A@@es handed to us.

And, on that note I will end with some pictures. Mostly of my niece since my sister FINALLY sent me the pictures from our Rocky Point trip in May, as well as Ironman.

Future Ironman????

Did anyone see this sign?

Running to Taylor before the finish... I wish I had planned for her to run with me. I was so excited to see her!!

The Iron Couple.. I love this picture, even though we are looking at a different camera..

Tay & Shane post Race

Tay & me post Race...

Here are some pics from our trip to Mexico on May.....

Rocky Point House View.. wish we were there...

Tay & Uncle Shane (in his drinking hat)

Baxter guarding HIS beach while we played in the water

Rocky Point 10K Finish

Apparently she is too cool....
Holly, Shane & "Ritas"
Tay & "Sissa" matching....
Model Tay in Rocky Point


Supalinds said...

Can't wait to see pics of the remodel.


Spokane Al said...

Those are some great pictures and it sounds like you have a terrific training plan.

Geography definitely plays a major role in race planning. You want to avoid fall IMs because of the heat. I am thinking about IM AZ so I can train during the beautiful summer weather and avoid those long winter hours on the trainer.

Benson said...

Nice to be in "coasting" mode but that hill training looks hard. Holy crap, you guys really are iron solid. nice work.

Really great pictures of you, shane, and taylor. Great memories with them for you too.

Comm's said...

It gets boring doing the same stuff here, Soma, Nathans, Chang, repeat. I did Tour de Tuscon last year and loved it. 109 mile cycling event in November. I also did the Tucson marathon in December and it was pretty okay. Just different options. Also in Feb(?) is the Crown King or Jerome 50k's. I bet there is a marathon attached.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the future race plans!! (and the bathroom, for that matter...)

Cute photos!

Erin said...

Great to hear you're enjoying your "time off" after IM-CDA...you've earned it!

Molly said...

I hope whatever you decide make you both happy!
LOVE the pics!
I am also looking forward to seeing remodel pics!
Take Care