Monday, July 21, 2008

Got Content?

With Shane busy launching a new business..... and me bored out of my mind with work on the slow side, and not so much Ironman training anymore...

I've decided to take it upon myself and get some more content loading onto So, while I'm going to be catching up on writing a bunch of reviews on all the fun triathlon related products I've tried lately, I'm also going to send out a request to all my fellow bloggers...

If you have any of your favorite, or even not so favorite products that you've tried lately, we would LOVE to hear about them.

New shoes, wheels, tires, running skirts, tri-shorts, SADDLES, nutrition, sunglasses. You name it, we want to hear about it.

Also, we'd love to start getting our forum busy. Training questions, race questions, wanna talk about it, please go here:

Race reports. It's summer and for most of you I've been reading about some great upcoming races. For those of us in Hell, I mean Arizona... not so much on the racing front going on.

If you have a race report. PLEASE send it my way and I'll post it on the website:

The idea and begining of was something Shane thought of as a way to share our love and passion for the sport.

Please also, send your comments and suggestions our way!


Faithful Soles said...

Krista, my main web site is focusing more and more on triathlons. If there is any way I can help you get out the word about your site, let me know.

Comm's said...

I have lots of gear reviews on my site, feel free to check my labels and pull whatever you want. If you have a specific review you want done, I'll help out.

Your not going to get any race reports out of me for a while