Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Race week ADD

Yup - it's only day 2 of the taper and here I am all over the place. Obsessing over weather.com, wanting a drink (or 5 apparently is the way I roll these days) and wondering if I did enough.

Which wetsuit to wear, sleeves or sleeveless? Where are my new goggles I ordered? How to wear the Garmin? On the watch on my arm or on the bike mount where I can see it more quickly but then will most likely forget to wear it for the run.

I'm going back and changing my mind and thinking maybe I like the sprint distance for once in my life. I drank 3 glasses of wine the night before, didn't fret & off I went. It was fun, it was fast, and besides my T-1 obstacle I did better than expected for once.

All in all in comes down to having TOO much time on my hands when I'm tapering, not tired enough from workouts and starting to question it all.

And the travel. Oh - before the travel Shane & I were KICKING ass, if I do say so myself. I actually did my "speed" bike workouts. I finally got my damn bike avg up to a happy place for training rides, masters workouts were GOOD, and had distance, and my run - well I was kicking my own ass finishing all my long runs with my PR half marathon pace for the last 2-3 miles.

The motto was stop going slow & long & make yourself hurt.

Then we went to Utah for a week and found a new kind of hurt. HIKING. It kicked the eva lovin SNOT out of me. Made my butt hurt, and my STUPID toe hurt and my damn ankles (ok, that isn't the hike's fault, but my inability to walk without rolling my ankles).

Yes, there were mountains, of which was hard on the bike, but doable... but on sore every muscle in your body, they seem less doable. And rather than totally say it was my fault because I don't know how to stand up on two feet while climbing down a mountain, I like to just say that "Utah tried to kill me." The run, that's a whole other story. There is a reason Utah girls (A.K.A. Speedy pants 1, Speedy Pants 2 & the boob train) KICK A@@.

Because of Utah trying to kill me, we didn't get all the planned "time" or "distance" in. Which was already shortened via ME so that we could go more intense & see how our bodies handled that.

Add the reunion of friends from Washington, the glorious weather and you've got one binge drinking, training slacking girl from Arizona. Hey, it worked for Supa and her PR, Boston Qualifying marathon... I'm just hoping hanging out with her enough rubbed some of that off onto me.

Now, I need to go obsess a little about my goals :-) Thankfully I've got an hour bike ride on the schedule for this afternoon, maybe some sweat will help me get out of my head. And, a glass of wine to end the day.


Molly said...

Good luck this weekend!!! Yes, this taper is a funny business, drives me nuts. You will do well!!!!

jessithompson said...

Breathe deep and visualize it from start to finish... if all else fails, clean your bike or go for an easy swim. :)

It's all there... time to let 'er rip. Looking forward to cheering you on this weekend!