Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pre- Beat the summer in Utah

Without going off on one of my way too long blog posts, I'm going to do a picture essay for the pre-Summer in CDA week with our Utah friends.

The week otherwise known as "climb, suck wind & ass kicking week." Or, something like that. I have to say, there is something to be said for these Utah Athletes. From "Benny the Billy Goat hike Master," to "The Booby Train" (sorry had to be there to understand that one), to Junior Olympian "swimmer speedy pants" open water swim camp to Miss "No Joke SupaLinds" and her "Flatish" bike route.

All kidding, (or lack there of) aside, we were blessed with a fantastic week FULL of activity, hard ass hilly, high elevation workouts - but most of all hanging out with some of the sweetest, most generous people I've ever met. Shane & I are so grateful to our Ogden hosts Jaynee & Benny (as well as Baily for Sharing her turf with my dogs!) and the Supa's, Devin & Lindsay for making our week so much fun, and comfortable.

Day 1: Hike to top of Ogden Mountain

My kids were so thankful that Benny carried 5 gallons of water up the mountain, JUST for them.

Day 2: Waterfall hike, described as "easy" - I call Bullshit. But, of course it was worth it!

Day 2 Evening, 4th of July BBQ at the Supalinds

Abby was a little pooped out from the back to back hikes.., a.k.a. Benny Ass-whooping

Bubba rallied, as Aunt Lindsay shared her lemon drop!

Day 3. Let's climb ANOTHER mountain. Of course "we'll take it easy" which in Supa language means miss her Time Trial by just a couple of minutes. Lessons learned - no aerobic training in Utah.

Day 4 - Open water swim - at Elevation. Shane can tell you about how much fun THIS one was.
Day 5 included a 90min bike ride (for Shane & I) followed by a 30min run. Not my best day. I was pooped, and fighting off the Supa's cold. (BTW - I think I've won!) Again, elevation is hard. Very.Very Hard
Day 6, no pictures - was our last workout before the road trip to CDA. Our long run. We were scheduled to do 11.5ish miles - the hills & elevation nearly killed Shane & I, and our glutes - so we settled on 10.5miles, included 2000ft of climbing. I followed the run up with a 1500 recovery (and a serious recovery it was) swim at Salt Lakes outdoor 50m pool!
All kidding aside, we had a fabulous week, and again could not have asked for better hosts, or better friends. I'm so happy we got to meet all of you, and have you in our lives!! Here's to many more fun times together :-)
And, with that said - We had some seriously tired dogs on our next trip from SL to CDA. Actually, I think they are still recovering.
We finally reached our home for the summer, and could NOT be MORE happy! Much more fun, pictures & stories to come!

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