Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Climb a Mountain.

As if the Utah A@@ whooping training camp wasn't enough, someone signed us up for a relay race in Spokane, just 2 days after we arrived in CDA for the summer. REALLY I have NO idea who would do something like that. Just saying.

The race started downtown Spokane by the "clock tower" at 6:30am. It was nice and COOL and sunny. Not that it mattered when my leg was the last one, so I wouldn't be running for several hours.

Team 2 DUDES and 8 BOOBS. With a name like that who needs to be fast, eh?

Right from the start we knew we were trouble - being in our "30's" now (ehm, Shane) were were the old people. Well, besides the 'older' obviously been running all their lives folks. Most of the teams were high school - all geared up looking like Bleeker from Juno.

All kidding aside tho - I could care less how we finished. I was running with old friends, from so long ago for the very first time. I couldn't be happier.

I missed our first runner Amy somehow, but a girl true to my own heart she sported a Cougar Top. Gotta love a fellow Coug fan!

Next up was Molly - My BFF from Junior high & HS. Sure we've had our moments of losing touch, but somehow when we get back together it's just like before. Look how perfectly posed she is for her beauty shot.

Now, at some point or another we MAY have been in almost last pace. And, if you know anything about my husband, you know the dude is All.About.The.Race. Here he is getting his "game face" on ready to kick some ass. Joy and her buff arms thinking he's crazy & if he doesn't live up to his shit talking, just might kick his ass. Or something like that. Ok, MAYBE she didn't say that - but sure does look like she could kick his ass :-)

Shane did us all proud, and flew UP his 6mile climb, first of 3 legs to the top of the mountain. This was going to be my leg - I still am not sure if I made the right move by switching or not.

Here's me - waiting (and trying to get out of) for my leg. We drove up the road a little, and much to my dismay it was all FLIPPING up. I'd been told it wasn't too bad, so switched with Shane. BIG.BIG mistake.

True to my typical transition time, here's my 12min transition waiting for my sweaty ipod. WELL worth the wait. Joy created my very own play list to take me to another world up the mountain so I didn't have to hear myself breath. Gotta love a little Snoop Dog.

I have to say it's prolly the hardest "race" - or at least run race I've ever done. My garmin showed a net elevation GAIN of over 1300 feet over the 4.05miles. I had to walk run it... But, I made it.

While I don't know that I would do it again, it the views and fun times were worth the climb.


Jessica said...

Looks like fuN!!!

jessithompson said...

Your team name is hilarious... love it!

Karie said...

Most people I know only ski DOWN Mt. Spokane, not run UP it! Looks fun though! Enjoy your break from the furnace.

M said...

FUN!! I love relays! Your team name is gREAT!