Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello there, Runner's High!

What the heck is a Runner's High?? Well, for anyone that runs - you've been asked this question before. There really is NO way to describe it, or at least no RIGHT way to describe it. It's just that feeling that you get while you are out there. Like nothing else matters at that point in time, but taking in everything that contributes to the experience. So, I decided to google "runner's high" and see what the heck came up. I came across this article & decided not to keep looking at the search results. It's very funny, actually. How scientific it all sounds. I decided the best way to describe a Runner's High is really an individual feeling or experience. It's personal. It's related to the reason so many of us continue to challenge ourselves on the road. Why we are obsessed with Pace Calculators, Runners World Magazine,, PRs & cute outfits (insert my new running skirt obsession). They are all related to the experience, and the experience that will hopefully give us that endorphin boost, that emotional state of being! For me, at least today, Runner's High was several things: It was the appreciation for getting over my chest cold. It was the excitement that I was starting week #2 feeling so fresh. It was gratitude towards my new job, and friend momo that offered me this wonderful new job that allows me to run, swim & bike without the stress of time. It's the feeling of overall happiness that makes me think of how lucky I am to have such great people in my life - friends & family. It was looking down at Baxter & Abby & seeing how darned happy they were to be out there on the road with me. And, mostly it was remembering that my life as a runner not only has changed the person that I am today, but it is the reason I met my husband, my best friend.. Shane.

So, why am I going on about this point you might ask? Well, it's simple. This morning I had the most amazing and LONG awaited Runner's High. In fact, I'm still gleaming from it. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I wasn't expecting much when I went out there. I decided to do my 45 Tempo run this am, vs my 60min Moderate Run (I'll save that for Wed). I also decided to do the same route that I did last Wed. You know, the 50min turtle, no make that SNAIL like slow run. I wanted to see if I was really just turning into a VERY slow runner, or if in fact it was just my health slowing me down lately. So, I leashed up Baxter & Abby & away we went. I immediately felt this energy that I haven't had in quite some time. I was able to keep my HR in the upper end of my zone 2 (that's Mark Allen's version of Tempo). It was fun to actually let my legs go like they wanted to - not holding back because the big black numbers on my HR Monitor said "SLOW DOWN." Today, those numbers were telling me, "Speed it up Missy!" So, I did what it said & I sped it up a little. I looked around at the blue sky, the crisp morning air, and also at my dogs who were I think more excited than me that I was moving a little faster! It was like they were saying, "It's about time, MOM!" Maybe all 3 of us were having the same experience. That same Runner's High?

Here's the best part about this run. As I turned on to the last stretch home, I realized that I had 3 mins to spare. So, I went a little further, turned around & landed at my back gate exactly 45mins after I left the house. Wait, it gets better. I did the same loop in 49:00mins. Today, I did it in 42, and had to go a little further. I was so excited I ran inside & mapped out the loop. It was 4.75miles, 45mins even - 9:28min/mile pace. And I thought I had a Runner's High Before??? Oh, that was only the beginning. Not only have I been SLOW lately - and by lately I mean since JULY, but I haven't felt the excitement, fulfillment and overall sense of accomplishment that all add up to the reason I started RUNNING in the first place. So, Runner's High - it is GOOD to have you back :-) Now, it's almost time for my second workout - my LONG swim with Masters. Here's how this week looks:
Week 2/20
45min Tempo Run/ Long Swim (2500 meters)
90min Moderate bike/ Strength Workout with Daniel
60min Moderate Run/ Tempo Swim (2000meters)
60min Tempo Bike/ Strength Workout with Daniel
90min Long Run/Moderate Swim (2000meters)
2:30 Long Bike

On another note, I wanted to share with you a picture of our training group. These are the 7 folks training for Ironman CDA together. We had the group (as well as our other cycling buddies, not pictured - Stacey, Dave, & Matt) over last night for a BBQ to kick off a new triathlon website that my husband is building. We want all of our friends & training partners to be a part of it, so we decided to have them over & give them a heads up as to what the new adventure is all about! The site is not up & running yet, but stay tuned for more details in my blog! So, from left to right we have: Krista (me!), Shane(my husband ), Ric, Troy, Heather, Melisa & Sara. Quite the good looking group, according to Melisa (thanks for the photo momo). So, this is our "before" picture.. We'll be sharing more as the next 19 weeks progress.


Flatman said...

Good lookin' bunch!

luv rocky point said...

Great Job, Krista!!! I am impressed by your time. I had the runner's high going on Sat during my runs too - it is so gratifying to finally feel good during a run. Good luck with the rest of your week!

Sherah said...

Hi IronWoman!! Tell Shane to allow anonymous comments on his Blog. Happy Valentine's Day!!