Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Today is February 14th. I used to think there were 3 types of celebration on this day. For some it means a hot date night with their loved one (that's me). For others it's the dreaded day where everyone that is a COUPLE spends a lot of money on food, flowers & presents - while those who are single, dread this day("D-DAY!" as I USED to call it). And lastly for those Retail gurus out there, it is a day of commercial bliss. Every year things get more expensive, more obnoxious and it also seems like everything becomes available as soon as the day after Christmas.

Well I now, after today, have a new appreciation for this Holiday. The funny thing is that I haven't even celebrated it yet with my husband. Today started out pretty normal. In fact, I didn't even think about it being a "holiday." I went out to do my fun, hilly run for the day. I actually drove somewhere, just a few miles from my house - 1. So I didn't have to feel guilty for leaving the dogs behind (I think I'm SO sneaky when I wait to put on my watch, hat & running shoes until after I am out the door) 2. So I could do my favorite hills in the time I had (60mins). Anyway, I parked at a gas station & headed to the corner to start up my first hill. That's when I realized it was Valentines Day. There was the cutest older woman, probably in her late 60s - early 70s camped out at the corner as a volunteer cross-guard for the school up the street. She had posted valentine decorations on the traffic light post, and had Red & Pink heart gift bags FULL of candy. As soon as she saw me, her eyes lit up & she reached into her bag to give me a piece of candy, and say "Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart!" Oh, it was the cutest thing. I smiled and thanked her graciously, but declined the candy by telling her if I accepted it & ate it, I'd never make it up the hill (as I pointed). She just smiled & pushed the cross-walk sign for me, then continued with her task of safely getting me across the street.

So, this was the start of changing my above belief that there are basically 3 types of people & ways to celebrate this "commercial" holiday. This was just a sweet, generous women happy to bring some Holiday cheer to everyone she encountered that day. It sure is nice to meet people like this, isn't it?

I continued on with my run (a good one I might add), and then went home to do some work, eat & prepare for my masters swim (which was a little tough for me). I did 2250 yards, which is equal to about what I had on my schedule for the day (2000meters), but it was hard. I am sore. I think I said something to the effect of "I feel like I've been run over by a truck," as I entered the pool. (INSERT) THANKS DANIEL for the workout yesterday!!!!

After my swim, I stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things. Of course as I walked in the doors of Safeway, all the Holiday bliss was straight in front of me. Flowers, Roses, stuffed animals, chocolates. You name it! But, what I really noticed as I walked around the store were all the little things in peoples baskets. Men of all ages & looks; white-haired, base-ball caps, barely able to drive look carrying everything from single red roses & boxes of chocolates, to the custom made arrangement from the floral shop. Then there were the ladies I saw. They were picking through all the cards (what was left of them) & smiling as they read the sweet, funny & also CHEESY romantic gestures. Today, for the first time, it actually seemed like I was surrounded by a lot more Happy Cupids, then in past years. Now, maybe this change in what I noticed isn't because more people are really happy, maybe - just maybe it's because I am :-)

So, for those of you who are having a not so Happy Valentines Day, just remember you will get your turn. I used to be there; at the bar cursing the Holiday as I enjoyed some cocktails with my girlfriends and swore off men. But now, things are different - and I am hopeful that everyone else will soon fine their Valentine as well. Here's a photo of my Valentine on our Wedding Day!


momo said...

ya know, i don't know how many times i've seen that picture of you two and i never realized you were wearing thongs! i love it!! your wedding pictures are beautiful, girlfriend, happy heart day!

Brian said...

Good luck training for your first IM. Mine was IMFL this past November. Momo and I figured at some point we must have run together as our times were pretty close....but she beat me.

Flatman said...

Happy Valentines Day. It's good to hear that other people actually like this day too. Sure, it is a manufactured holiday, but why not? I like it and have fun picking something special out for my wife each year.

Those are great wedding photos!

Benson said...

Beautiful photos! I'm also on my first ironman quest and a newbie to the TBA at Trigeek dreams so stopped by to say hi. I also ride a QR with supersonics and really like the speed on the flats. you go girl and leave 'em look'n at your heals at CD'L.

Benson said...

oops, I meant to say "heels" at DCA. typing too fast i guess...not.

ironjenny said...

What a beautiful picture!!!!

Sherah said...

Your writing is really nice! I feel like I am witnessing my daughter/friend growing up! It's so beautiful and amazing. You are quite a woman, and I am proud of you!!