Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mom - Don't tell Dad!!, I really am good....

Ok, so nothing too exciting since my last post. Yesterday I swam at my gym rather than go to masters. It was kinda nice. I was able to compare my old times, with some new ones. I'm used to swimming meters, and masters is a yard pool. Yes, the difference is pretty simple ~10%, but when you are trying to compare times. My workout was 2500Meters

200easy swim (3:35), 200 kick (I did drills) & 200 easy swim (3:38)
4x50 :20 rest, 1x400 1:00 rest, 4x50 :20 rest
My 50s were dead on :51seconds, and my 400 was 7:25

2x500, slight acceleration every 4th lap
they were 9:05 & 9:08
100 easy..

I was pretty happy with my times. I think my 500s were about :30-:40 seconds faster than I used to be, so I'm pretty happy with that!

As for today. I did my 1:45 ride with Melisa & Sara. I got a flat. I was having trouble with the CO2, so I just said screw it & rode with it not totally inflated. Well, just out of curiosity I checked the pressure when I got home. It was ~50psi... I have 650's they go to 110 - so they were about half full. Maybe THAT is why my leg workout with Daniel seemed a little hard today :-)

Now, on to the Title of this post.... Yesterday was a real "winter" day in Arizona. It was cold & Rainy. Just one of those days when you should be curled up in your bed...

That's exactly what some in THIS family had in mind - Let me tell you a little story...

Aghh, sleeping so peaceful - Good Dog! (Sara)

What a cute little 'baby' (Abby)

Then there was the 4-legged Red-Human... On the Human bed..

The bed in which he is NOT supposed to be on!

"Uh, Oh..... Please don't tell Dad, Mom... Pleeezzzz"

"See, I'm good.... That other picture, it was EVIL Baxter! Show Dad THIS pic!"


Andra Sue said...

Your puppies are SO cute!!! My dogs aren't supposed to be in the people bed either...but *every* single night, they wait until we're asleep and sneak up there. Then, in the morning, I wake up squished, with one on either side of me. They groan and stretch and refuse to move, so I have to crawl around them to get out of bed. Makes for a lot of late mornings. Um, spoiled much? :)

ironshane said...

Nice. The boy is in t-rouble!!

Okay, not really. He gets to run with me tonight. That'll show him!

Flo said...

Hi. I just found your blog and have to say, the dogs are what attracted me. They sure are cute!! I was the mom of 3 until last Memorial Day, now there is just 2. Anyway, love yor blog.