Friday, May 4, 2007

Wind Dance

Wind, oh wind.... PLEASE go away. I'm not even sure I want you to come back any other day...

Current weather in Scottsdale, AZ
Partly Cloudy, 81degrees
14% Humidity
Wind - from SW 18-24mph

Tomorrow's forecast -
5:45min bike/:30brick run... AND
Sunny, with gusty winds
High 77Degs
Wind - from W 20-30mph

Wasn't Mother Nature hard enough on us in Las Vegas???

Please, do your NO WIND DANCE with me :-)


momo said...

i'm thinking that we don't have that "no wind" dance down correctly. ya think maybe we're actually dancing for wind?

after yesterday, i wouldn't doubt it...

Paul said...

Seriously I need some help here on that no wind dance thingy. Please put up a video on youtube for the correct dance sequence. :)

I'm getting pretty tired of every race I'm at this year being SUPER windy and the hardest year it has ever been. I wouldn't mind an easy race for once. ;)