Monday, May 21, 2007

Massage - the 4th, or 5th discipline

Aghh, sweet relief.... I just finished my 90min deep tissue massage. My poor girl, I don't know why she continues to work on Shane & I - we really must wear her down. Maybe it's the tips... We always feel so bad and tip well.

"K" So, anything hurting, or bothering you right now.

Me - Nah, I feel pretty good. Well, I mean everything hurts sometimes, but right now... I feel ok

about 10mins later...

"K" - I thought you weren't that bad!?!

Me - Oops... well, I mean, considering how much I've done, I thought that I was ok.

Me - (as I feel "K" dig her elbow into my shoulder blade)... WOW, I feel that all the way up to my sinus/eye area.... yikes!
"K" Has this been bothering you?

"K" How flexible is your hip?

Me - Not sure.... why?

"K" - I need to work on your IT band. It's bad.

"K" Do you want me to do your left one too? It's not as bad, but your call...

Me - Sure, why not.. You know, you'll have to let me know if this one feels more tight at all, because I barely felt you working on the other side, it's immune to the tissue work sensation after years & years of PT. OUCH... yup the "good" leg hurts worse

"K" - Nope, it's not too bad - that's weird. I mean, I get it that you feel it more, but it's just weird!

This is about how my 90mins went. Ouch... man....

Lessons learned - no more waiting 6+ weeks during the hardest part of training to get a massage. It doesn't feel good, and it's not nice to the therapist.

"K" is working on ironshane now. Wonder if his conversations will be anything like mine!

Tomorrow I'll give an update on the training. It's going pretty well. You can read momo's blog to hear all about our Saturday ride adventures. All you can do is laugh at rides like that....

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to my niece's "crossing the bridge ceremony." Apparently this is something special they do for pre-school kids moving on to Kindergarten. The funny thing is Tay still has another year of pre-school. She is only 4. But, she was so excited about this thing that she called around to all of the family to invite us. So, I'm going to see her "graduate"....

This girl is going to be a heart breaker when she's older....


Paul said...

I'm going to assume only yours has the Don Julio in it. :)

Sherah said...

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!