Friday, May 18, 2007

Running TAPER!!!

So, I did it. Today was my last PEAK run of the training. I had 3 hours on my schedule, momo had 3-3:15. So, I mapped out an 18.5 mile loop that would put us somewhere in that time frame.

There is definitely something to be said for getting up EARLY this time of year in Arizona. I mean, 4am or earlier type of early. So, today, I was OUT of bed at 4am to get ready for the run. We were meeting at a local park to begin the route at 5am.

I was SO prepared this time! See, last time on the 3hr run momo tried to kill me. She had been dying to do this beautiful route up north. It was 9miles up, climbing 1000ft. Now, when you haven't run that far in 3.5 years, that is kinda intense if you ask me. But, I did it, and I survived. But man, was I sore. I also ran out of water last time - and didn't get up early enough. This time, I had plenty of time to drink my spark, go to the bathroom, use my inhaler and blister proof my toes. I also had all my gels ready, water bottles frozen, outfit picked out, salt tablets, map of route.. you name it I was ready for this!! Sometimes, things just don't always go as planned.....

So, this time we opted for a more flat route. We ran in an area we call "tour de crib." It's in Paradise Valley - multi million dollar homes, hence the name. We do a lot of our bike rides here because there are a couple of mountains you can get some climbing practice in. Not today though, we were all AROUND the mountains. Anyway, it was interesting the things we noticed on foot vs on bike. The homes are gorgeous, huge properties, green landscaping (yes - there is some green in AZ) with water fountains in the entries, and best of all they don't all look the same!

The run started off GREAT. Our HR's were both really low and the air was somewhat 'cool.' I thought, "wow this is going to be a really good run!" Well, something happened to me. Either I ate something that didn't agree with my stomach, or momo's ailments are starting to wear off on me! If you have read momo's blog on a regular basis, you have heard her mention how much she appreciates all the porta potties due to construction. Well, that girl - she can spot a porta potty like it's nobodies business. She has a special radar, I think. Today, I was thankful for this special trait of hers. 11 miles of suffering later, 3 bathroom breaks (there would have been more if available) we were heading back to our starting point.

We had been running really well. Even with all of the stops & walking due to stomach cramps, we were avg about a 10:20 I think(so we were actually running faster than that!). Now, we slowed down a bit on the last stretch. Partly due to heat, and partly due to the fact that we BOTH need some new shoes - funny how your knees & feet pick the best times to let you know it's time for yet another $100 purchases, eh?

All in all it was a GREAT run. We went just over 18miles, and somehow I feel pretty darned good right now. The feet are still sore, but my muscles feel good. Best of all. I was in my best "fat burning" HR zone. My avg was 147 - my lowest long run avg to date! I don't feel as famished as normal because I was burning = amounts of fat/carbs & didn't deplete myself.

I have to admit that with all of my scepticism about the whole low HR training in the past, it has come around with a big fat "I told you so!" My HR has dropped about 10 beats over the last couple of weeks, and I am loving it! Hopefully my body can learn to change the pace to accommodate though - it has gotten used to being a slow poke. With my longest run in my back pocket, it is soooo close to the taper time I can feel it! One more long, (2:40) run next week - and it's all 'downhill' from there! I think the taper will come right about the time my mental state decides to start totally freaking out that I'm about to do AN IRONMAN!!!!

Hopefully this post leaves a more 'positive' taste in a certain anonymous reader/commenter's mind. You, know bing that I'm so blessed and all, and shouldn't be complaining. I guess this person hasn't been a regular reader of my blog where I have mentioned countless times how incredibly lucky I feel to be in the situation, work/life that I am in... But, more on that later - for now, I'd like to continue to bask in my "runner's high!"


IM Able said...

Bask away! Neigh sayers be damned. Feel free to write about it all -- the good, bad AND blessed! It's all worth it! :)

momo said...

i knew my special talents would come in handy some day. :-)

the week is 100% done! cha-ching, all into the bank of ironman!

Andra Sue said...

Congrats on a great run! And thanks for all the encouragement in sticking with the MAO low HR stuff. It's good to know someone else is going through all the same things and coming out right in the end. Way to go chica! :)

Paul said...

Thanks for the detailed response about the knee surgery. Blogs are not the best medium to have converstations with :).

Good on ya for your last long run. Same thing happened to me, I killed my shoes on my last long run. Paid for that later.

Keep up the good training and blogging.