Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got Grumpy?

I expected tired, hungry, sore..... but, I didn't expect GRUMPY!!! I'm short tempered, and I don't like it!

You see, I play "cruise director" for my training group. I try to initiate questions to figure out when, where & what time everyone wants to ride. But, more times than others I get little or no feedback. So, I put my project manager hat on, and I map it out.. set up the meeting times, places, etc... and send out the itinerary. Most people are great about it. They say, "Ok, great - we'll be there." But, it doesn't always go that way, and then I feel like I'm on the phone, sending emails & trying to make last minute changes to the plans. Now this.. this I don't like. It usually ends up with me forgetting a detail, or times getting mixed up, or something is off. Then, I feel bad because we missed a meeting spot, or time or something.

Well, no more! I'm putting my foot down. I will continue to make our plans, plan the route & times. But, if someone needs to make a change and they didn't let me know before hand - then I am nominating that person to figure out the rest of the details!

* Disclaimer: 99% of the time everyone is great, but lately... the more tired I am the less patience I have, hence the rant. So - if you are part of the group don't get offended, this isn't a stab to anyone - I promise :-)

It is week 14 of the 20 week IM training plan. It's HARD.... I think I posted my weeks schedule in a previous post. However, to put it into perspective, while on this am's 3:10 bike ride, I counted up the hours. 24 hours of training, broken down by:

~6hours of swimming
~2hours of strength training
~6hours of running
~10hours of cycling

Does that sound insane to you? Well, I think it does.... And, my body kinda does too.

I feel out of sorts today - well actually that started last night. I hit a wall. I was trying to input some billing from lasts weeks travels & work and it just wasn't happening. I was "dumb." S was doing his weights, and was talking to me, but I was so out of it, I just couldn't hold a conversation. And, if you know me - I am a multi-tasking queen!

My body is getting about 8hours of sleep. My body is WANTING about 12 hours of sleep. My normal organization in life is turning into piles at my desk, and forgetfulness and all the things that make me feel crazy!

I haven't touched our laundry that I usually do on the weekends. Except the workout cloths, those were priority. I'm sure S will run out of socks and underwear soon....

My dishes from this am, are still sitting on the counter....

And somehow... even though I already put in 54miles on the bike, I have to muster up the energy to go for a 1:45 run in a few hours. BTW - it's 97degrees out right now

Now, to put all of this into perspective, I need to look at the bright side. "Only 3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks" - that is actually a quote from one of S's emails earlier today :-)

We only have 3 more weeks left of HARD training. It's kinda crazy when you think about it. And, I'm ready.... I'm ready to have some sort of a life back. I'm ready to stop eating like I've been a starving child my whole life. I'm ready for my toes to heal, my swim tan lines to fade... and I'm ready to have the energy to possibly go out on the weekend!

NOW, I guess since I have spent all this time complaining, I should write up some of the GREAT things that have gone along with the training! So, here it goes:

I'm in better shape than ever in my life

I can eat dessert and as many carbs and STILL need to eat more calories

My body is taking a whole new shape

I can finally wear NIKE tempo track shorts (they never fit me right before)

I get to do the race of a lifetime in my old hometown, and lake that I grew up playing at as a child

I will soon have the bragging rights of an IRONMAN...

Now - I guess, after writing all of those fabulous pros down, I should quit my BI@#%ching, huh?



momo said...

you, grumpy? NO WAY!

and btw - i for one am completely satisfied with your cruise directory capabilities. :-) you tell me when to be there and i'm there!

Ned said...

YOu are my IDOL! I am living vicariously through you...except I am tired and what not for other reasons right now:) You truly are ONE INCREDIBLE person and should be SO DARN proud of yourself, what you've accomplished..sticking to your schedule, injury free! And you should get a huge award from your training group for your amazing planning! Everyone would really be lost without you and I know they all appreciate you! Hang in there...three weeks isn't that long..and if it makes you feel any better...I am hoping for 3 weeks to recovery myself (hee!). You are the BOMB!

Anonymous said...

I dont think I would be grumpy being able to work from home and make your own schedule and train for an IM. I would call that being blessed....You are right you need to stop complaining...! Good Luck at CDA :-)