Monday, May 14, 2007

Catching up...

Today I logged in to check out my schedule for the week, and see how intense my speed work was going to be. The first line read: "You have 5 weeks and 6 days before your Ironman triathlon on 6/24/2007." OMG! S keeps asking if I'm freaking out yet. This weekend, thinking about how this week I am doing my last peak run (3hours), and in 2 weeks I do my longest bike ride (6:30/:30brick).. then Memorial Day is my peak swim (5500meters, 6000yards) - yes... I am starting to freak out a little bit!!!

The last few weeks have been crazy, to say the least. First, the weekend in Vegas for the race, that didn't turn into such a great race with the swim being cancelled. Then, trying to squeeze all the long workouts in so we could enjoy ourselves at Stacey & Dave's wedding. Then the FLU! Unfortunately it took even longer for me to recover than I thought.

Last week momo & I went to Toronto on Wed am to attend some meetings for work on Thursday. The flight went by with no glitches (like our last trip - missing flights, etc), and we were able to check into our hotel & get some dinner. There is something to be said about working for a luxury hotel company. The food is fantastic, the service impeccable & the beds are the most comfortable hotel beds you will ever experience. Momo & I had a very good dinner, glass of wine & headed to bed. Unfortunately, the 3 hour time distance is enough to throw my sleep completely off, and I only ended up sleeping about 1-2 hours before the alarm went off at 5am to meet momo in the gym for a "speed run" on the treadmill.

I remember logging on to my computer in the am & it said 2:05am. Now, that is just not right!!! That means I was doing a run at 2:30 according to my body clock! Somehow, the run actually went very well. It was very nice to have company doing the speed work, and it made it quite a bit easier not to slack off, and try to push myself.

Thursday was a really long day. We had meetings from 11-5, and because when it rains it pours, we were actually working in before, during and a little after the meetings trying to get everything done.

We had drinks & dinner plans after the meetings, so by the time we ended dessert, momo & I were officially DONE. It was about 11pm, and we were finally back at the hotel. I started to have a very upset stomach. I stayed up a little while, and finally fell asleep at about 12:30. Then, I woke up at 2am with horrible sharp stomach pains. All I could think was NOT AGAIN! I was sick...... There was something with my dinner (blackened Cod) that my body did NOT agree with). I got sick, then went back to bed. I awoke at am with the same pains, but was able to fall back asleep for a couple of hours.

I was able to wake up feeling better, so I guess there was just something in the food that my stomach was not ready for.

A few hours later, I was home... and SO happy to be there! One thing about traveling - I actually do like it. It's just with the training, it makes it a little less fun. Momo said this should be our last trip before IM CDA. We need the next few weeks, then the taper without any glitches!

So, Saturday we had our WHOLE group together for our long bike ride. It was actually a lot of fun, although hot has H-E-L-L. Somehow in the last week it had jumped from like 85 to 105. YIKES! We did a big loop, heading down to an area called south mountain, for some new scenery. We met my trainer, Daniel there. I think we (momo & I) both spoke about him in our Ragnar Relay race reports. He's the incredibly gifted guy, who barely trains, but can rock any workout, race, regardless.

Well, we were ON fire on Saturday. I think because it was slightly flatter of a course, especially the beginning, and for momo & I - we usually run long on Fridays, but we actually took the day off to travel. I think we actually gave Daniel a run for his money... he looked pretty pooped after his 2 hour jaunt with us :-) Mission accomplished. We did 5hours, about 92miles. Quite a step up from my last 5hour ride at 85miles, and our 5:45 last weekend at 95miles! After the ride S & I had a 30min brick to do.

Do you know how hard it is to do a brick at NOON? It was about 100degres outside (seriously)! We headed out, and I decided to turn around at about 14mins. My HR had spiked & boy was I feeling it. I had to run/walk the whole way home to keep my HR under 160. I suppose I could have just let it spike, but I have been such a good girl with my Mark Allen HR training, I didn't mind the walking. My legs felt fantastic, but I was burning up! Plus, we had our pool waiting for us to jump in & get the body temperature down. Oh, how I love that feeling!

Saturday night, S & I had a "date night" to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. He made reservations at a very yummy seafood place called Eddie V's. We are pretty lucky, S worked on a food tv show with a fantastic woman named Candy for a couple of years. She is a chef, & all around food & wine connoisseur. He can call her up and she will recommend the best of the best in the area. This was one of her suggestions.

The meal was fantastic, we shared a bottle of Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir (yummy!) and even shared a Godiva chocolate dessert. It was a really really good night, and something much needed with our busy S & I have been. He even got me a beautiful blue Sapphire bracelet that matches an earring & necklace set he bought me last year! He did VERY VERY good :-)

Yesterday, was Mother's Day and we were having a BBQ with my parents, my sister & her family including her mother-in law. Everyone was coming over at 3pm, so we had a very long list of things to get done before hand. Including, a 2:30 run. We slept in a little, so didn't start the run until 6:10am. It was already about 80+ degrees out. S & I headed out with the kids for about an 8mile loop. I do this loop regularly. You can do it 2 ways, one with more uphill, the other slightly easier. I actually did the easier, downhill loop on Wed before my flight with Abby. It took my about 1:20! Although it took me a while to get into my groove today, I did the loop in 1:16!!! I was running under 10min miles with a HR avg about 148. It felt awesome.

We stopped at the house to drop off the kids (S had them, running ahead of me), refill & head out for another loop. This loop didn't go so well. The temp was rising up closer to 100degrees, and there was little shade. I guess this is what we get for sleeping in. It was very tough, but we ended just under 2:30 total time, and managed to get in right at 15miles. We were both a lot slower on the 2nd half.

We didn't have much recovery time, as we had to get the house ready. S went to clean up the backyard & pool, and I had to still go buy food! I got home at about 1pm & had 2 hours to eat some lunch, prepare the food & clean my floors. 3:15 we were finally done, and our company started to arrive. My niece, Taylor was very excited that our pool was warm enough to swim, so I spent about an hour with her splashing around in the pool. She is just the cutest darn thing. She's 4.5 going on 16! Really.... She followed me around the whole night, and even decided she needed to carry my cell phone & walk in a pair of my heels. This girl is going to be
T R O U B L E in a few years. Just like her aunt, I suppose :-)

About 7pm and we finally had an empty house. We finally got to sit down for the first time since 6am. Well, at least for me. S kinda hit a wall at about 5pm, and hit the couch. I think the run, then cleaning up outside in the heat kinda kicked his booty. We were in bed by 8pm. Agh, that was nice. S got up at 5:00 to do his long swim, and I stayed in bed until about 5:30. I am a little groggy, but feel much better after the sleep. It's a good thing, cause look what I have in store this week: (I'm actually switching up the runs a little because I did my long run yesterday)

Weights with Daniel
Long Swim - 4500 meters (4900yards)

Moderate Bike - 3:10mins
Run - either 1:45 moderate or speed run on treadmill (if too hot)

Run - either 1:45 moderate or speed run (depending on what I did Tuesday)
Speed Swim - 3500meters (3850 yards)

Weights with Daniel
Speed Bike

Long Run (hopefully, I'd like to get it in with momo, rather than wait until Sunday) 3hours
Moderate Swim - 3500meters (3850 yards)

5:45 bike ride


With any luck I can actually get all my workouts in!!! Thanks for reading and catching up with me :-)

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