Thursday, May 3, 2007

Damn the Flu!!!

Why is it that when everything seems to be going so well.... life happens, and everything that was so good just seems to filter away?

Well, that's what I feel like. I have done SO well with my training. A few glitches with the body here and there, but nothing to cry about.

Then this flu.... Man, it has struck both S & I pretty hard. Now, the fever and chills, and "etc" that goes with the stomach flu... those symptoms are gone. However, the repercussion of no food or drink for almost 48hours has really messed up my entire training mojo.

I'm running on empty, literally... I'm resting enough, sleep wise, but just can't seem to get the calories down. Now, I'm not a girl that normally has problems eating, but man.... NOTHING, and I mean nothing is appealing to me.... I sure hope this goes away by tomorrow, so I can intake some nutrition.

Yesterday I went for my first workout with momo. She nearly killed me. And, she was taking it easy. We met for a 2 hour bike ride. I did ok at first, but it was pretty tough at the end when it warmed up.

My plan was to get into the pool, and do my long swim from Monday, 4000Meters. Well, that idea slowly faded when I was pretty woozy after the ride. Being the ironman-in training that I am, I still went into the pool, ready for whatever I could do. The workout was a nice long warmup, followed by 3000straight, building every 1000 from level 2-4. I really struggled through the warmup.. My stomach was cramping, and my arms felt like lead. I just took it nice & slow. Then, I ate a power gel & started the 3000. Something happened about 600yards into it, and I just felt better. Not enough to really push it, but enough to get by... Wait, I just checked my watch, and my splits weren't so bad after all :-)

My first 1000 - 17:40 - 1:46/100yards
Second - 16:45 - 1:40/100yards
Third - 16:20 - 1:38/100yards

S brought us home some superfood from one of our favorite places here, Soma Cafe. It is an Edamame Pasta Salad, about 600calories & like 50 grams of protein. I figured it would do us both some good... Unfortunately I could only eat about half, but was still hopefull I could get my speed run in today..

I woke up actually STARVING. I ate a piece of toast, then felt a little nauseous. I struggled for about an hour, as Baxter & Abby were running around the house like puppies on crack. Finally gave in, got dressed and headed out at about 8am. I decided to just do what I could handle. The warmup was great... I did a nice 9:30min/mile with a 145hr... Then I tried to pick it up for some of the speed sets. Now, with Mark Allen these are supposed to be TOTALLY anaerobic. I really struggled to get my HR up, because I just had no juice.. Finally about the 3rd set, I could get it up to 170 (my target HR is 159-193)....

I decided to just do circles around in my neighborhood rather than an out & back, so I could cut it short if need be. I cut it a little bit short... but managed to get most of the sets done, just at a more tempo rate than speed.

I did a "lite"leg workout with Daniel this afternoon and that's about all I have in me... I feel ok, I just have little spells of feeling very nauseous. I sure hope this goes away soon, cause we have a HARD weekend planned.

Saturday - 5:45ride/:30brick run
Sunday - 2:10run

Sorry I wasn't all that entertaining with this post.... Hopefully I'll have some fun stories, or more inspiring words next... Just wanted to update those who check in on my training! I hope no one else gets hit with this nasty bug!

I have to commend Momo & S for not lecturing me about doing these workouts. I know that I probably should have let my body rest more, but it's very hard for me to do. Now, don't get me wrong - if I'm too tired, or something is really hurting, I will take a day off. But, it's a mental thing for me. When you are literally UNABLE to do what you want to do for so long do to an injury, being struck with even a minor cold can be one of the most frustrating things out there.... You just don't want to be TOLD that you CAN'T. I am being somewhat good... I just had to do a little hear & there. Plus, I'm fortunate enough to be home all day, and not in an office so I get a lot more rest.....


Spokane Al said...

If I could swim at the speeds you are doing while you are sick, I would be absolutely thrilled. You will rock IM CDA

Andra Sue said...

I hope you feel better soon. Awesome that you're still going out there and getting it done!!!

And yeah, your swim splits are what I can hope for on my best days, so don't feel too blue. :-)