Thursday, July 26, 2007

Margarita Mix

Today was Shane's surgery to repair his hernia. I'm not sure who was looking more forward to hit, him or ME?

I know what it's like to have training taken away. To have to sit back and watch and support and cheer on all the people around you that are doing all the things that you want to be doing.

Thankfully, S's time was only a short month. Which is FAR too long in my books. He's actually done pretty well over the past few weeks. Maybe it was because he was pretty burnt out with the training, work, new businesses...... life. Or maybe it's because he was trying pretty hard to not make me crazy? Either way, I have to give him props. There were only a couple of times where I was ready to lock him up. Or drug him....

We headed to the hospital at 6am today. His surgery was scheduled for 8:45, so if all went well, he'd be out of there by 11ish & I would still have time to get to my real estate class (oh yah, I started real estate school this week, but that's another story...) by 1pm.

At about 8:45 the surgeon finally came in & went over the routine stuff with him, then gave me a script for his pain meds. We asked to have these up front so I could have everything taken care of in order to get to my class on time. This Dr. ROCKS. Not only did he ASK what drugs he wanted (Vicoden, Percocet...) but he wrote the script for 60pills PLUS a refill. Guess he didn't have a feeling Shane was one of those that likes to take advantage of the loopy pain pill buzz? Too bad he doesn't know about his wife.... :-) J/K.... well, kinda...

The Dr. was pretty cool. He said the first couple days will be painful, but by Sunday as long as he doesn't take any pain meds he can drive. Activity: "If it doesn't hurt, you can do whatever you want."

S & I both said the same thing... Good thing my surgeon didn't say that..... Or I'd still probably be on Crutches after numerous attempts to run when I wasn't ready. S on the other hand, he's a good patient....

Anyway, my point here was that it was 8:45 and the Dr had JUST come in. Next was the anesthesiologist. We had a little chat about how S doesn't handle the drugs all that well. How last time, they basically woke him up in recovery and kicked him out, and he was a complete and utter MESS. I think we got our point across.

So, a couple of minutes later and a couple injections into what the Doc called his "Margarita mix" Shane was on his way to la la land. Literally. :30 after the injection I said, "So, do you feel it?" S goes, "No, not ye...... WAIT, oh yah... 'giggle giggle'... 'wweeeeee'...smirk.... I think SO!"

It was pretty funny...


SO, he was off, and I was off to get home, do some work & try to get ready for class.

I don't know what I was thinking. By the time I got back to the hospital to pick Shane up it was 11:20. Although he was in MUCH MUCH MUCH better shape than last time, the ride home was rough and I could tell he was already in some pain.

We barely got him inside the door & he thought he was going to throw up. So, it was pretty much straight to bed for him. I made him some soup, got him water, gatorade.... and a couple of pain meds.

I didn't hear another word for over 3hours. He was OUT.

I went back to check on him a couple of times and he had not even moved. He was laying there in bed, with his pants pulled halfway down because the boxers were rubbing where the incision was, hugging a pillow. I almost took a picture to post up here, but I know paybacks are a bitch.

He finally woke up the last time I went to check on him. I brought him some yogurt & his computer to watch "The Shining." He invited me onto the bed to watch it with him, but I opted not. I'd have to lie there still, or I'd hurt him. Still, not in my vocabulary.

I suppose I could pop a couple of his pills and join him in la la la margarita ville land? Hmmm, I guess I'll just drink some wine with him tonight so I can be on his level :-)

All in all the surgery went well. He's far more stable than the first time around. Either his pain tolerance has gone up, or the fact that he scheduled the last hernia repair surgery for TWO days after we ran the NY Marathon was not a good idea. I think he's more than ready to get past this, get back to exercising and be worry free about this happening again. The Doc assured him that once both sides are repaired, he should not have any more problems.

We'll see how he feels tomorrow..... My guess is he'll be up and at em again in a few weeks! Putting us all at ease :-)

Watch out CDA 2008.....


Spokane Al said...

Glad to hear the surgery is behind Shane and he is on the mend.

momo said...

oh ya, he'll be back at it at no time and we'll all be trying to play catch up.

very glad all went well today. give him a big hug from me and tell him that i'm sorry i couldn't be there to drive him home... :-)

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

So glad to hear all went well. I'm like Shane with the meds, light weight.
He'll be ready to train in no time!

Benson said...

Oh you just caused me a flashback of my hernia surgery 5 years ago. Thanks, I'm sweating just thinking about. Good to hear it all went fine and you're there to keep up the doping :) (bad Tour de France pun I know).

Nytro said...

percocet and vicidan are light weights. when i had my ankle issues, i told the doc that i wanted to the pills that the celebrities get hooked on. the oxy's and whatever else they've got there.

which is why they sent me home with loritab. i, too, cannot be trusted.

hope he's feeling better.

Bigun said...

still got some Oxy's from my last kidney stone...saving them for a rainy day. Take care of Shane...