Friday, July 6, 2007

I want to go back....

Current Temp for Scottsdale, Az 105deg
Current Temp for Coeur d'Alene, Id 88deg

See what I'm saying? There is just nothin else to be said for Phoenix right now. Hot. Hot... and some more Hot....

This am, Stacey came up to meet the dogs and I for a run. Shane decided to try to join us for some of it, but well, lets just say that didn't go so well. I think he made it about 20yards before turning around. He saw the doc yesterday, and will be having surgery to repair the hernia in a couple of weeks. Pretty sure he's ready to exercise. Pretty sure I'm ready for him to exercise too :-) I bet he had fun when I was injured for 3 years....

Anyway - Stacey arrived at 5:30am. As I opened the door to let her in it was like a freaking sauna out there. Usually you have to step outside the door to get the total feel for it, but not today.

A few minutes earlier I had gone to It said 92degrees. I thought, oh, something must be wrong and that's from last night. Nope. 92degs, at 4:45am.

So, we take off on our run. Things were going pretty well. The dogs were panting pretty hard, and I was started to sweat immediately, but I was ready. Now that I've got my self signed up for a marathon that is 3 months away, I don't want to lose any of my IM fitness and just keep running. I had my fuel belt strapped with 30oz of ice cold water, a gel AND a hand held 20oz waterbottle.

We stopped every 10mins to give the dogs water..... they needed it. I needed it. Stacey needed it.

There was no breeze, no airflow.... The shade didn't even help. It was miserable.

Abby started to slack off after about 50mins. She really struggled the last mile. The route is a loop route that is about 7.8miles. It usually takes me 1:15-1:20 at the most.

Today, now granted we didn't stop the watch at a couple of the lights that we got stopped at, but that's irrelevant. Today - the loop took 1:24mins. And, then we walked the last 2mins home.

My avg HR 161. My normal avg HR 151-153.....

So, as you can imagine, the dogs are passed out right now. Hopefully this continues for the dog sitters. You see, instead of heading off to CDA where I'd really like to be... Shane & I are leaving this afternoon to go to Boise for a family reunion.

Current Temp in Boise - 100degs.

Luck of the draw, I guess.

So, momo - I hope you are enjoying your road trip heading up into the cool, northern country...

All the rest of you non-Arizonans... I'm jealous. But, talk to me in a couple of months. I think the tables will be turned!

Happy Weekend!


momo said...

temperature in santa barbara right now? 62. feels like? 62.

Iron Benny said...

I guess you know why I left Phoenix and will never move back. Waaaaay too hot. That place was downright miserable in the summer, and my childhood house didn't have A/C. The lovely winters just weren't enough for me.

Nytro said...

current temp in ogden? 93. i'd still prefer Cd'A, though.