Sunday, July 1, 2007

"It's ALL about the GEAR!"

Can anyone argue that a good run, must also entail a good running outfit? Well, I can't - and, as my dear friend Tonsa would say, "It's ALL about the GEAR!"

Not only would Tonsa display it, but she would OWN! What I wouldn't give to raid her workout closet......

I have to admit that lately, now that I'm working from home and no longer have to dress to impress anyone, I am much more inclined to hit the Nike Store, Sports Authority & browse the sale racks at Nordstrom for workout attire vs Anne Taylor, The Gap and Banana Republic.

I'm pretty sure I've even spent more on sports bras and new socks than my usual obsession of the latest cute shoes (3"heel minimum of course).
But, IRONMAN has brought this addiction to a WHOLE new level. I think that my race jitters were actually overcome by my excitement to hit the Event Store at the Ironman Village. In fact, as soon as we checked into our house it was the first thing we (let by ME) did!

An hour later, and $296 poorer I finally felt somewhat complete. And I hadn't even finished an ironman....

But, of course it didn't end there.... There was a whole new array of products to be found AFTER the race. The FINISHERS gear. HAPPY.BIRTHDAY.TO.ME. So, I thought......

All week long I was inspired by all the cool things that everyone was wearing. The MDOT visors and technical T's. The finishers jackets and fuzzy fleece pullovers.

Now, I've done my fair share of races, but I never buy this kind of stuff. I get the T-shirt and that's usually about it. But this was different. This was IRONMAN. And, now.. it's my everyday attire. No more slacks and button up shirts. No more knee length skirts and sweater sets.

So, we go to the Finishers Tent at about 10am on Monday. It was like a feast for the starving. Everyone running around like scavengers fingering through the racks for their size....

Now, someone, anyone PLEASE TELL me. How many Ironman do you know that wear a 2x?
Please don't get too offended here now. I realize there are Ironman of all shapes and sizes, but this whole store was FULL of 2X EVERYTHING.
There was not a small, or a medium in site. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So, as hard as I tried to convince myself something was going to appear, I left the finishers tent empty handed.

I still have hope though..... They say the leftover products will be online at So, wouldn't you know it, I've been checking that site daily. No hourly. Ok, EVERY time I sit down or cross paths with my computer. I'm bound and determine to get some more gear. Something cute. Something that I can proudly wear... Just as I did today.....

Today was an IM day. I finally got my lazy butt out of bed to go for a run. If it weren't for my kids, I totally would have skipped it. But, I promised them I'd take them. They've had almost 2 weeks off and were beginning to go stir crazy.

So, today I got to test out my new visor

and the kids got to test out their new gear. See EVERYONE deserves to look the part. They were out there training with S & I every week. In fact, they are a big part of the reason we wouldn't oversleep. They are IRONDOGS, and thus, this is the present we came home with for them.

Today, the kids and I were out in top Ironman FASHION. We proudly wore our Logos, and can't wait to accumulate more of it!

P.S. The run went better than expected! I did about 55mins. HR was good. Legs were great. (Maybe it was the GEAR?)
It was just HOT. Like 90degrees by 7am. WTF????

Summer in AZ, gotta love it...... Or, have a second home somewhere else if you are lucky.



momo said...

tonsa is a wise woman. it IS all about the gear.

did anyone stop you and say - are you an ironman??? :-)

want to get the tattoo with me???

Amazon Alanna said...

I think the store was filled with 2x because of the low number of Ironmen who are 2x....the Clydes must have been in heaven with no competition for their gear...

I've been lurking here for a week or your dogs...I've got a weim, too.

JohnnyTri said...

ohhh Tats!! go girls!

and summer in AZ is as bad as Humidiy in Houston!

love the IronDog!!


Nytro said...

it's clear you don't know jack about ironman.

there's a clydesdale and athena category. but did you know there's also a moose and amazon category?

hence the 2x's.

no need to thank me... it's just my PSA for the day.

Nytro said...

and, um, i can say there's an amazon category, because apparently, I belong to it.

and, um, i only mention this because i saw amazon alanna AFTER i wrote that.

and, um... she could probably kick my trash.

K's #1 FAN said...

IRONDOGS!! i love it! did you find any ironthongs in that tent?? cuz i heard- through the vine- that ironshane wants a pair:)

Andra Sue said...

Love the Irondog leashes. I bet your furbabies were really excited to use them. I know mine like new "gear" almost as much as I do!!! :-)

Benson said...

yippee! your an ironman/woman! I'm a bit late catching up here. great race posts. super irondogs. It is sooooo about the gear. without the gear, we're just...oh lets not go there.

tarheeltri said...

Congrats on your Ironman! If you ever find yourself running out of triathlon gear to purchase you can switch to trail running... a whole new set of gear to buy!

Deniel Hopkins said...

Great Post! interesting and informative :) keep tri-ing