Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He Totally Pulled the Ironman Card.....

I've yet to have this pulled on me...... but oh yes, it happened yesterday. And, yes... I answered... and yes, I am PAYING FOR IT TODAY!

It was another afternoon with my trainer Daniel. You know, Daniel the one who doesn't train, but then can still bust out a 6:30mile 10k?

Yup that's him... He ran a couple of times.... over several months, but there he was leading our relay team to 24 hours of anaerobic 10ks during the Ragnar Relay.

I had a few weeks hiatus from working out with Daniel at the end of training for IM CDA. I was tired, my whole body was tired... and it was time to taper.

But, believe it or not I was actually missing the torture. The feeling of legs burning, shaking, etc.

And, as I signed up for the St. George Marathon with momo, and a lot of the course is downhill, I really needed to get back to strengthening my quads. With a history of IT band issues, this is essential.

So, 2 weeks ago I went back to Daniel. Since I've been resting my shoulder it's been 2 days of leg workouts. The first two weeks Daniel was actually pretty easy on me. I think that he thinks I should be resting and living it up after Ironman. If you read my last post, you'll realize I just can't seem to do that. I'm having to much fun with the training. So, Daniel will just have to suck it up & train me.

Besides, not all of us are gifted like Daniel... Not all of us can ride our bike twice in 6 months and pull of a 112mile bike ride with a group that has been training for that distance for 16weeks. Most of us, in fact, are just not this lucky and blessed, and naturally talented...

Anyway, yesterday like others I was at Daniel's gym ready for another leg workout. Forgetting about my shoulder he asked, "what are we doing today?" I started to say that my arm hasn't been hurting me at all... but he said, "oh, yah... let's give your shoulder 1 more week."

Then he got this look on his face. It was a look of pity. Right before he goes, "Oh, it's a hard one.... it's really hard."


All right, bring it on..... at the same time I'm thinking, WHY this week, I am running 14miles on Friday?

So, he goes thru the set of 4 exercises. 3/4 of the exercises are the ones that have made me the most sore of ANYTHING he's ever had me do.

But, I really am determined to get my legs strong. And, since they are the first place that fat likes to find a home at on my body, and the LAST place it likes to leave from, I knew I would do it.

My legs started to burn on the second set. On the last exercise of the 3rd set I asked how many sets am I doing. He said 3. If you are feeling good, you can do 4. A few other people in the gym started laughing...

Then he did it. Then he went and pulled the IM card.

"BUT, if you area an IRONWOMAN you will do 4."

Oh, he did NOT just say that.

And oh yes, I DID just reply with,

"Yah, he can't really say that, since he hasn't even DONE an IRONMAN yet!"

That really got the other gym folks going :-)

All fun and games. I completed my 4th set, because I am an IRONMAN.

And, it's ok to say things like this to Daniel because:

- He's going to make me hurt anyway
- He is signed up for Ironman CDA 2008
- He could kick my ass at any sport anytime... well, maybe NOT swimming :-)
- If the guy actually did train, he'd be on his way to Kona.

So you might be wondering how I'm feeling today.... Let's just say Daniel did his job.

-It hurts just sitting here today.
-I felt every step of my incredibly SLOW 5mile run this am.
-My sore butt woke me up at 4am, and I could tell I was in trouble before I even moved my body.
-When the alarm went off at 5, I called the dogs up on the bed with me and stayed there until 5:45.
-If it weren't for the promise that I had made to them yesterday, that we were running 5 miles today, I would still be in my pajamas (yes, they are smart enough to not only remember, but hound me until I get my ass out there and take them for a run).
-I don't think I'll be back for my usual round 2 of abuse tomorrow, otherwise I'd be walking my 14mile run on Friday.

Case in Point?

Daniel is mean, but he is good and he will get me to that marathon strong, confident and hopefully in one piece. Next year.... he'll be able to rightfully pull the Ironman Card.


Bigun said...

I don't know - I think that if you've done something physically hard in your life, you can pull whatever card you he was pulling it to motivate you, which is doubley ok - however, you can still give him shit for it, and get even with a, "if you were an Ironman, you'd be able to...."

Andra Sue said...

You gotta love people with athletic ability like's truly amazing to me.

All I can say is if I were YOU, I'd be pulling my Ironman card right about now as an excuse for taking a lot of "recovery naps." Hee hee.