Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yes, i live in the desert

Thank you all for your comments/suggestions. I've been od'ing on Zinc, soup, tea, sleep, vitamin C and water..... I feel about the same today, maybe a little better.

I sure do tend to post a lot more when leading up to a race. Prolly cause I'm all up in my head and all. Well, today I read the BEST POST EVER. I am such a self doubter. But, She is an experienced athlete, a pro in fact and a coach. If she says it, well, it must be true, right?

So, when it's 90degs and I'm on my second loop of the run - this is what I will be thinking, believing and LIVING. And, if not - I have recruited several friends to yell and scream very mean things to me to light my butt on fire!

"If you did it in training – if you got close – you can do it in racing with a proper taper and rest."

in case you didn't follow the link - that is from the fabulous blog of Elizabeth Fedofsky, a.k.a. "Elf"

Unfortunately the race is here, in my home of the desert. Where, while other states are bundled up in turtle necks and sweaters, here you can still sit outside in your swimsuit and work on your tan.

Here is the 10day forecast from the ever-lying weather.com. I do hope this time, they are wrong with the low. I hope it's more in the 50's for a low so the cooler temps will last a little longer. 85degs I can do. 90's will be pushing it.

Right now it's 84degs. I should be a mile or so into the run by this time Sunday. OH - and the water temp this morning at race time - 71degs. Perfect for sleeveless wetsuit. (obsess much?)

For the first time every, I'm not totally totally freaked about the weather - It is what it is and I'm going to do my best to cope.


J~Mom said...

90 on Sunday? UGH! It's going to be fine...I think we will have a cold front come through. :>)

cindy said...

Hope you're feeling better :)

Well, at least you're used to heat. I did a short little ride yesterday and thought how weird it was to be training in cold weather for a race that will be hot!

Oh, but they did switch the half/quarterman start times so the half racers go earlier :-)