Monday, October 13, 2008

Bike to Run...

Remember this? Well, seems things are looking up for the other discipline. The one where I've just been "wingin" it. I've avg'd about 15miles per week over the last 12 weeks. Babyin' the IT band like crazy.

Epiphany. RICE works people!!! Oh, and less is more... who would have thought? Not me that's for sure!

I try not to talk about running as much as the cycling cause it's easier for me to put my money where my mouth is when I can actually control my body. I can ride hard if I push it. Running, that all depends on my body. And the stupid weather, I suppose. ON the run, I tend to ugh, give up in races. Get tired, walk. Let people pass me cause "they're just faster!"

Well, since I haven't been running all that much, I decided I could at least push the runs that I have been doing. So, on my long runs for the past month I've been negative splitting the last part. Letting my HR go into zone 3.

I think it's helping. On Saturday, Shane, the dogs & I did a 6mile loop to start. We avg'd 9:10min miles, HR 144. I finished the run by myself pushing it & feeling fantastic 3 miles 8:38 pace, 155 HR. My overall avg was 8:59, 147 HR!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my long run any further than 9 miles for this training, so I'll just have to hope that the bike ride loosens up my IT band enough that those last 4 miles aren't horrible.

Then today, I woke up and saw an extra speed run on my schedule! WTF? It wasn't too bad, some "pick-ups" with 2x12mins getting faster ever 3mins.... It was only 53degs outside, and the dogs were following me around like crazy, so I decided since my ITs don't do all that great with the speed work, I'd substitute this first speed run with a "tempo" run & take the dogs.

Wow, temperature shock! 53degs is a far cry from the 75-90deg weather I've been running in. my hands were cold and quads bright red! My HR was 15beats lower, and even when running in the low 8min pace wasn't rising above 153. Whoot! This is gonna be a GREAT run... come on Abby - speed up!

Baxter was in Irondog heaven!

I decided to do a route that is a little over 4 miles, thinking that would about the same time as the speed run. It's up down up down, with one half mile hill. I typically run this route at about a 9:30 pace aerobically.

Today the kids and I were on fire. I never even got to push my HR, my body just felt fantastic. Even up the hill....

The last half mile I was really pushing the pace and finally got my HR into zone 3. Poor Abby was dying, but we all had big smiles on our faces...

4.25miles, 147 HR (171max), 8:28 avg pace!!!!

Now, of course I am on cloud 9 right now... I'm shocked at how well my running is going. I know my IT band is the ruler of all things race wise, but there is also a hint of hope in side me that thinks I might finally have that one good race. Finally have a good run split. Finally have all things fall into place?!?!

I usually don't put all this stuff out there, in fear of being let down if the results don't happen the way they should, so I'm wondering if putting it out there for all to see will help me dig deeper on race day. Even if it's 90 degs out?

Oh, and the swim.... I usually have those BAD dreams. You know, forgot goggles, missed the start, no wetsuit.... got off course. Well, last night I had a dream I was doing a "splash & dash" race. 1.2mile swim. This is the funny part. The winner, Keanu Reeves (WTF - I can't stand him!).... Me, first girl out of the swim in SUB 30mins!

Now I know I'm not going to swim a sub 30min swim, but could a first GOOD swim dream - good swim race? Hmmm.

Progress on the bike. Well, honestly - since I had my legs dead dog tired, ride by myself a few weeks ago where I avg'd 18.3 things haven't gone as well. It's been crazy windy here and momo & I have been getting our asses kicked by the wind, hanging on for dear life.

Shane says it's making us stronger, so let's just hope he's right! I know if it's windy like it has been I won't be able to hit my goal of 20.5mph, but if I can get good weather I know it's doable.

So, here's to 2 more weeks of tapering, resting, not freaking out and praying for good weather!!!!


Flatman said...

That is awesome progress and a low heart rate for those speeds! Nice work...

Anonymous said...

Um, you're fast woman!! Sounds like you've beem training smart and it's paying off.

Enjoy your taper - I think it will all fall into place for you on race day :)