Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soma pre-race jitters

In about 12 hours my alarm will go off and I will be crawling out of bed, mixing my spark and trying to stay calm. I'm all packed. EVERYTHING. Aquafor, sunglasses (including my Daniella-bella look alikes that will hopefully make me run fast), shoes, chip, hat, sunscreen, gel, nutter-butters, frozen gatorade, post race pringles and peanut M&Ms (nice recovery, eh?), mini-me wetsuit.... I pretty much have it all. And then some. 2 pairs of goggles, 2 caps...

Oh - and I did the funniest (or weirdest) thing a minute ago. I hate goggles fogging up, so I bought a new pair. Then I got sick and haven't used them yet. And I certainly didn't want to chance it and get in Tempe Town Lake today... So, I put my cap on, then my new goggles - filled my bathroom sink with water and stuck my head in it. Shane wasn't watching. I'm sure I would have been laughing under water and choked. Thankfully, I do have a spare pair that I will have in some one's hand just in case they fill up with water or something when I get in. God help me....

Can you tell I'm hyper? I feel so much better today. Not 100% by most of the aches are gone. OH, and I drank about a pitcher of ice tea at lunch. Oops. I wonder if THAT is gonna make me pee all day long tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm so not above peeing myself :-)

Mini-me is already parked in transition. In a crappy T-spot I might add. She's row 7 out of like 12 or something. On the far inside lane. Nothing to remember or mark my row off. Let's just hope I can remember the number (row) 7 after being horizontal for 30+minutes.

OH yah - 30+minutes. We'll see about that. My swims in my mini-me wetsuit have been fast. Effortless fast. So fast that if I swam that pace in the race I would be done in around 32minutes without much effort. My race experience is telling me that is a little far fetched so I'm hoping for under 35mins. It's doable.

The temps are going to be warm. Probably about 85 or so when I finish. If I race my race, and nothing goes wrong.... I could be finishing around 12:30. You do the math. Putting down any more detailed times freaks me out. Cause then it's a real live goal for everyone to see. And, well, that's just not how I roll. I've put out more hints and splits and times then ever in the past so if you have read this blog you can probably figure it out.

So without blabbing any more (again I blame it on the ice tea and lack of training and 10+hrs of sleep per night this week) I'm going to just say that I'm feeling REALLY good. I'm EXCITED (not usually the case for me pre-race). I've told all my friends what they need to do put put the fire in me if I'm slowing down tomorrow. I've thought about it enough that I really think this might be the race it all comes together.

See you on the other side!


Fe-lady said...

Best of luck and have a fun filled race!

Nytro said...

woo-hoo, chica!! can't wait to see how you do! i can't believe SOMA's tomorrow! and i can't believe that i'm on my third... no, fourth... glass of red wine.

i salute thee! you'll do great! i'll have momo fill us in throughout the day. because while you'll be trying not to get a flat tire on mile 55, benny and i will be busy tearing down our basement. down? yes. down. walls first. then ceiling.

true story. you think you had a clusterf*@ck with your remodel? YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA.

good luck, chica!