Monday, April 9, 2007

Week 10

Week 10, can you believe it? That means, after this week I will officially be HALF WAY thru my training. Crazy.....

So, how is everything going? Honestly, I think it's going pretty darned well. No big complaints from me. I've had a few "issues," but nothing that has really put a damper on my training. I feel good. I feel confident. I'm ready to keep pushing through.

Now, on the other hand, my husband has not been so lucky. He's had issue, after issue. We have also got a lot going on business wise (not just his day job) so life in general has just been pretty hectic. You can check out his blog to read about this weekends mishaps... I'm sure once he gets back up to par, he'll bust out a couple of good training weeks and will start feeling better again.

So, the reason I mention that is that I was with him on his little "fall" off the bike this weekend. After stopping for a long break while we made sure he was ok, changed his tire, etc my mood changed, and I just was NOT into the bike ride. We wanted to ride him back to the house to make sure he was ok, so then we needed to pick another route to finish the 4:15. Because my head wasn't in to this ride AT ALL. I made the decision to end my ride at 2:15, and switch it to this Tuesday (tomorrow) where I'd get more out of it physically and mentally...

So, that's what I've got on my plate for tomorrow, my LONG run. Well, sort of. I've had some other plans that might be adjusting that.

My parents are heading down to our Mexico house for the week. They really want me to come. Now, I've got the job flexibility, I love the beach... Do I really have a reason NOT to go? Hmmm... I've only missed like 2-3 workouts TOTAL in this 9 weeks of training, so I think I can give it a go.

So, my new plan is:

Monday - 1:20 Moderate Run, 3500meter swim (completed)
Tuesday - 5:00 ride/:30brick run and swim OR weights
Wed - Long run 2:10 mins & DRIVE TO MEXICO!
Thurs - OFF
Friday - :55min Tempo Run
Saturday - 3-4:00hour ride (makeup from last weekend) with Shane, whatever he's up for & Speed Swim
Sunday - Swim or Day off

So, all in all I'm only going to miss 1 bike, 1 weights & maybe 1 swim, plus get a little beach time - not such a bad deal, eh?

So Sunday S & I got a ton of stuff done. We - yes 'We', I actually helped a little this time cleaned our bikes. They were so over-due for some TLC. S took the cassettes apart and scrubbed them with a toothbrush. I worked on cleaning the actual bikes. I can't WAIT to ride her tomorrow. I have a feeling it's going to feel so much smoother. Poor Mini-Me, she was totally neglected!!!

Anyway - just thought I'd give a quick update. Check out how shiny & pretty mini-me is! She looks funny hanging there on the wall, almost like she is flying!


Spokane Al said...

Every time I read your blog your IM CDA countdown meter shocks me into a bit of reality as CDA gets closer and closer. It sounds like you are on track, and your bike looks great as well.

luv rocky point said...

Ooooooh - I am so jealous!!!! Well, not of the 5 hour bike ride but of the trip to Mexico! (I am merely in awe of the 5 hour bike ride!) Hope the bike and runs go well -- you'll have a great reward waiting for you!

Allez said...

I saw your link on another blogger's site... I'm a 29 yr old dog mom too ;-) Sounds like your training is going great!