Monday, April 16, 2007

Rocky Point

So, I'm actually going to make 2 posts today to catch up a little.... One to recap & share some pics from my mini break to Mexico. The other to talk about Ironman AZ!

My parents were down at our Rental House and they wanted me to join them. So, I decided a little R&R would be good for me! I packed a little bag, grabbed Baxter and off we went... Well, a couple things first of course. I did my 5 hour bike ride on Tuesday, and my 2:10min run on Wed.
Stacey was nice enough to meet me for part of the run, including getting her to go a little extra with me so I didn't have so far to go at the end. That helped a lot. My legs were pretty 'tight' from the bike ride the day before, so the company was much appreciated...
Driving to the border wasn't too bad. I'm a horrible road trip companion. I get bored. I am the epitome of "are we there yet" One time, Shane & I drove at night. I made him pull over once we were across the border to pick up a 6 pack of Tecate. Yes, bad I know.. but it sure did make the last 60miles go by quickly :-)
So, Baxter in tow, we left town at 10am. Arrived to the border at 1pm. For the first time EVER I got STOPPED! The light turned red, and the Mexican border patrol officers flagged me over the the side. They looked in the back of my 4-Runner looked at me and told me to go ahead. FEWWW... I think my HR went anaerobic just from this!

Honestly, I think they were just bored. It was a Wed. No traffic.... Still, why did this have to happen when I was by myself?!? Maybe Baxter gave the guy a "look" like - DON'T MESS WITH MY MOM!!! He was in fact my guard dog (ordered by Dad) for those few days...

So, 60mins later and I was at the house, Tecate in hand.... Aghh - The ocean breeze, humidity in the air. God, I love it HERE!!!

I quickly put my suit on, grabbed a cooler with some beer, a beach chair & headed down to the water. It was a bit breezy, but not too bad... Being a Wednesday the beach was secluded... quiet. This is SO what I needed!!!

My dad & I went into town to get some shrimp for dinner... You know it's funny. I used to not even really like shrimp until we started coming to Rocky Point. Now, I LOVE it!

Thursday am I woke up with a little headache. Believe it or not it wasn't even from the beer. I did not eat enough to replenish the workouts from the previous too days. As soon as I got Breakfast 1, and then breakfast 2 in my system I was good to go :-)

Baxter was BEGGING me to take him to the beach, so we headed down there & walked for a couple of hours. He was in heaven. Loved it... Funny thing though. Not having Shane there, he stayed REALLY close. Didn't let me out of sight, even when he saw some birds he was dying to get, he stayed with me. He is SO my boy!!!! Here's a pic of him guarding my stuff! Isn't he a ham?

I read, relaxed, walked ran.... (well sort of - my IT band was hurting me again, GRR) and then, Friday afternoon drove home.

I got home about 7pm on Friday, just in time to eat some pasta, catch up with Shane & get to bed. Saturday we went for a bike ride with Heather & Sara. They were doing the 5hour ride, and we did a loop with them. It was actually a REALLY REALLY good ride. I think the break was exactly what I needed. My legs were fresh for the most part. A little tired from the beach running, but nothing like doing a long run before the long bike. I was really trying to keep my HR in my zone. I've been averaging only like 135-140 on my long bikes. My zone is 139-159! So, I pushed it up the hills. It felt GREAT! At the end, my HR avg was 142, but it was from some of the descends. We did 62.5miles, 3:35mins, then a :30min brick. I was VERY happy with this!!!

Here's a couple more beach pics..... I can't wait to get back there for Stacey & Dave's wedding next weekend!

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