Monday, April 2, 2007

Team Anaerobic

Here's our full team, including Tonsa... All I can say about this group, is they ALL ROCK! What an amazing adventure we had...

You can read momo's recap & see some more pictures here.

It really was as amazing as M describes. And, she TOTALLY started the whole FAST FAST FAST thing. I don't blame her though. There was the "core" group all showing off in their itty sports bras, and the girl took off like a bat out of hell. Momo HAD to step it up, and thus set the tone for the next 30 hours.

When it came to my first leg my HR monitor read 142 before I even started. I don't know if it was a fluke, or just all the excitement! I haven't run fast in years. I haven't done a 10K in years...

It was HOT, like maybe 80degs out? 2:30pm ish. I do NOT run in the heat well. Ughh...but my team was so fired up, and my HR monitor was reading 00bpms, so I just RAN. Next thing I new, I looked down & it said 179, a couple minutes later 184. Oh, screw it I thought. My HR has not been this high in almost a year! Crap... Oh well, I'm taking the sucker off, it's just stressing me out.

My first leg was slight rollers, 5.6miles. 50mins. Just under a 9min mile. Did I mention I don't run well in the HEAT, hence the high HR.

Leg 2, I had a nice downhill 10K, 6.2miles. It was about midnight. I didn't eat my dinner, cause it was gross... I was a little worried. But the temp was perfect, about 53 degs. I had my night guide Matt illuminating the rode for me. I turned the corner with about a quarter mile to go & could see the exchange. I looked at my watch. It was 49:and some change. I pushed as hard as I could. If I could just get to that exchange in like :30 I could PR for a 10K.... It's all anaerobic, might as well try for something cool, right?

Well, I missed it by :40, but I'm pretty sure had I known I was running that fast, I totally could have picked it up. I wasn't working that hard during the run. Oh well.. another time, I guess. My second leg was 6.2miles, 50:11.

The night went on, we tried sleeping. We ate, we ate some more. We ate salt packets (thanks to momo's advice), and then.. it's time for our 3rd legs. None of us were "feeling it," but once again.. Momo fired it up & ran like hell. Then, so did Daniel, and Ric... and then it was my turn again.

I was a mess. After my second leg I had 2 huge blood blisters on my big toes. They were throbbing. I was walking funny to not put pressure on them. BIG mistake. BIG. When I started my last leg, which was straight up hill, I had the most horrible pain on my left IT band. This is my GOOD leg. I was in so much pain, I was actually in tears. Had my group driven by, I probably would have asked someone to run for me...

But, I didn't.. I survived. My pace wasn't nearly as impressive at a 10:14 per mile. I focused on Tonsa, I focused on her spirit, and how she would do anything to be in my place, running UP that hill...

The rest of the team ROCKED their last legs. We had gained over 90mins on our predicted times.

Tonsa met us at the finish..... She snuck away to run the last couple hundred yards with Sara... HOW HAPPY DOES SHE LOOK?? :-) This is what those 30 hours were all about :-)

It's now Monday... I'm still sore, and tired..but also excited for next year's TEAM ANAEROBIC debut, as the ultra team for Ragnar Relay, Del Sol 2008!


momo said...

we were such a cute team!

K's #1 FAN said...

i checked out momo's pics. you guys looked so good!! and was that YOU sporting a pink visor?!? ah....
how cute!! just like a real girl.

ironjenny said...

How extremely cool for you to tough it out when you felt like crying because you stepped outside of your own pain to focus on your friend Tonsa. Awesome job - all of you!!!!
p.s. - you get a big attagirl from me for sleeping when your body asked for it... it's tough to put the proper time into rest and recovery in the midst of all this Ironman training stuff.