Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Running Mojo

Well, I survived... Momo didn't kill me.

3:09 later.... about 18miles, and a 1000ft climb, and I'm here. No dramatic stories, no SIGNIFICANT pain. No drama.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. The air was clear, and it wasn't TOO hot. We ran about 4.5miles to meet Stacey, that was about 300ft climb.

Then we headed straight up Happy Valley Road. Stacey is pretty familiar with this hill. She "dominated" up it during the Ragnar Relay.

I had to walk quite a bit to keep my HR aerobic, but no big deal - we made up quite a bit of that time on the way down.

The views were spectacular, the company was great.

I hit my "runner's high" at about 1:45, as we were coming back down the hills. Unfortunately, I did get a little woozy, because I ran out of water.

Stacey shared some of hers, then I refilled back at her car.

So, I've made my peak run! I have one more 3hour run in this training, and I can only hope that it goes just as well. Well, I could do without the blisters, ya know - they JUST healed. Looks like they only happened on one foot though. Sooner or later I'll get this figured out.

Now, it's time to go rinse off, put my swimsuit on & head to the pool for a 3000M swim workout. I'm talking zone 2 baby! No speed today ;-)

Tomorrow S, Momo & I are doing our 5 hour ride. I'm hoping it is uneventful & we can head home to shower & get on the road to Mexico!

I'll bring a full report (well, I might need to leave out SOME details, it is Mexico...) and wedding pictures.

Have a great weekend...


Spokane Al said...

It sounds like you are just about ready for IM CDA. I still have a ways to go and miles to travel.

Sherah said...

I want to get the short sleeve shirt like Melissa is wearing in the can I get one?