Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Post Office Karma

I'm going to take a minute away from my usual training update, to discuss something rather peculiar to me.

You know how some people have something that they just HATE doing? Some people hate doing:

cleaning house
grocery shopping

Well, I can actually handle all of the above. I don't love them, but I don't HATE them. But, there are two things I hate doing.

1. filling my gas tank
2. going to the post office

Now, I can't exactly procrastinate #1, but I can procrastinate going to the post office like it is no body's business.

The worst part is I order stuff on line ALL the time, because I don't enjoy shopping. I order 99% of the triathlon & running apparel. Even my shoes, and nutrition shopping is done mostly online.

So, usually, I will take forever to make a decision on my purchases. It's not really shoppers or buyers remorse. It's the dreaded POST OFFICE trip if the purchase does not work out.

Well, I have had this box of the samples of triathlon clothing that we were all trying on for the http://www.allthingstriathlon.com/ website sitting in my dining room for like a month. That's just where the pile began. I also had the Desoto tops that didn't fit piled up ready to return. Lastly, with my blisters, hip issues... I've decided (and confirmed with my PT that my stability shoes plus my orthotics are just too much.

Of course, when I bought my running shoes, I ordered 2 pair, so I have a brand new pair still in the box. I decided to exchange them for the neutral shoe.

Today I had a ton of errands to do to get ready for our trip to Mexico this weekend (It's Stacey & Dave's wedding!!). I decided I would just get everything done, including the dreaded post office trip....

So, on my way to the mall I stopped by a UPS store, one I had never been to. After hauling all my boxes into the store, the guy tells me that their systems are down so he can't ship anything right now. I told him I didn't care if they went out right now, as long as I could get them set up.

Then, one of the computers came back up, so he started to punch some stuff on the keyboard. About 1min later, the guy runs off to the back of the store. No reason... just jumped up and left...

What's next... I hear the guy throwing up like a mad man. One of the other workers goes, "Man, what did he eat?" Another guy goes, "Oh, it was something he had last night."

All at once my visions of happy beach time, Tecate and Tequila shots went flashing before my eyes. A not so happy vision of being sick, in Mexico.... appeared.

I grabbed my boxes and said, "Ugh, I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to leave now. I do NOT want to get sick!" And, off I went.... I hopped in my car, lathered up in antibacterial liquid and went on my way.

So, after all of my errands are done, I had to find ANOTHER post office. There is one by my grocery store (which was also on my list), but well... something sorta happened last time I went there too.

See, a few weeks back I was at the post office... I parked right in front of it, took care of my mailings, then walked over to the grocery store. When I got home, S brought in a post it that he found on my car. It read:

"Hi, if you are single can we go on a date? I'm new in town, my name is XXXX please call...."

So, all that I can think is it was the guy from the post office, because who else would be watching me & know what car was mine? Needless to say, I didn't want to go back there...

So, I went to yet ANOTHER UPS store. Now, I normally like this one. The guy that works there is really funny. It's just out of the way. But, considering how things were going with my Post Office Karma, I figured I better just get this stuff taken care of.

So, here I am, up at the counter filling out all of my paperwork, while the guy is boxing my stuff up.

Behind me I hear a voice, kinda calm... kinda loud, "Miss, there is a RAT by your foot!"

Are you laughing yet??

There were 2 older women next to me who started SCREAMING. Now, usually that would be me, but I just couldn't bring myself to look down. I had flip flops on for Pete's sake! I slowly took 2 steps back and started hopping up and down. I looked over & the little, no take that HUGE bastard ran across the floor.

He was literally RIGHT at my feet!!!!!! This rat was like 6inches long, not even including the tail....

Anyone want to know how soon I'll be heading back to the post office???

Hope you enjoyed...

I'll update tomorrow on my big 3 hour run. Momo is trying to kill me and taking me on a very hilly route...

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Flo said...

Note to self: NEVER go to post office with Tri-Dogmom. That is too funny!! My trips to the post office are very boring compared to you :)