Thursday, April 5, 2007

Got Sleep?

This week has been interesting, to say the least... All I have wanted to do is SLEEP! So, I've listened to my body, and sleep is what it got.

I'd say, I've averaged about 9 hours a night. And, I think I could have even added an hour or so on to that each day. I used to be a 6-7 hour a night sleeper. Guess that was before I was on my way to becoming an Ironman.

I've lacked some motivation this week. I'm thinking it is from the Relay still. I've been good, and still logged all my workouts, so I'm pretty proud of that. I'm usually so fired up & ready for the next day, but this week was just a mental struggle. I don't have any excuses like, I don't have time, or didn't feel good. I was just plain tired & not into it.

Today went a little better. I did my 90min tempo ride. I have weights on my schedule, but I have a BIG weekend, so I'm just going to do some stretching and core work.

Tomorrow is my longest run since the 2003 NY Marathon. I have 2:30mins on my schedule, plus 3000meter swim. Momo is kind enough to be running with me. It's a recovery week on her schedule, and I don't think she has that much to do, but she's going to help me through it. She's faster than me too, so hopefully she doesn't get bored!

I just hope my legs are back to normal by the morning. I've talked to the majority of the folks on our relay team, and they just feel beat up this week. Sore quads, calves, shins - Shane has a pulled hammy. He's been "resting" this week. I guess Team Anaerobic may have pushed it a little too far!

Saturday we have a 4:15 bike ride. I hope it goes a little more smoothly than the last one :-) No box knives, or :45min breaks, I hope!

Agh, and Sunday... REST! Next week is one more tough week, including a jump in cycling. The long ride is a 5:30/:30 brick! It will be a tough one, another peak for me.

Also, next Sunday is IronmanAZ. I'll be down supporting all the future Ironmen. I'll also be using it to help get me fired up for CDA! How exciting.... Most of my training crew is volunteering at the race. I feel kind of guilty not being signed up. I can't be out of the house that long with the dogs. S is out of town, so they have single dog-mom. They have been spoiled with me working from home now, so long periods of time locked inside does not bode well for ANY of us! So, although I won't be an official volunteer, I will be down there giving everyone my full cheerleading support!

Next on the agenda is a week of taper to prepare for the RAGE IN THE SAGE TRI, in Las Vegas. This is a TOUGH race. It's all hills, bike & run. Last year we did it and the water was like 55degs. When I got out of the water, my face was so numb that I could not even speak. I just hope the water has warmed up a bit :-)

My goal for this race is to bike well. Last year I avg'd a mere 16.1mph. I am MUCH faster than that... Not sure what my deal was. It is a very hilly course, but I would like to avg at least 17-18 on it this year. We'll see how it goes.... I moved up an age group (is it REALLY necessary to AGE up? I'm NOT 30 yet damn it!) so I don't think I'll be getting a second place again like last year.

Anyway, that's probably enough rambling for now. I'll update on my long run after tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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