Thursday, March 8, 2007

inspired by "T"

I got this note from my friend "T" I mentioned in an earlier post.

She wrote this letter to the Race Directors, in a response to an email they sent out asking for inspirational stories. Well, there you have it. Can't get get much more inspirational than this!!

For any of you that know 'T' you know she is a fighter!!! She will be back out there in no time, I just know it.

Our Runnin' Ragged Team has set up a fund with the Komen Foundation in T's name. S is taking the donations, so if you would like to make one, please contact him, or me.



Enjoy this letter from the words of a true inspiration....

Here is my story …….……. I won’t be running the Ragnar Relay.

Not because I didn’t think this was the most fun a set of runners could ever have. Not because I was unable to convince eleven other fools, (oops I mean friends) to run 187 miles with me. Not because I didn’t even flinch at the thought of spending hours in a van filled with funk and sweat. Not because we were unable to get the requisite volunteers and figure out the logistics of an overnight run. No, I won’t be running the Ragnar Relay because the diagnosis of breast cancer came.

It came without warning, without mercy and without regard. It ignored the reality that I have no risk factors, have been an avid runner and actively support Komen. It came and brought with it a dazzling array of new terms, new tests, new doctors, and new fears. Breast cancer came and it took Ragnar.

But breast cancer in all of it’s rage will prove to be no match for my spirit and those of my twelve team mates who now stand behind me. It will prove to be no match for me and those who now will step to the start line in my honor. Breast cancer could not have anticipated how strong the bond between a band of runners truly is. You will know them by the purpose of their stride, their inner light and their conviction to finish for me. You will know them by the simple shirts they designed and will wear for me.

No, I won’t be running the Ragnar Relay instead I’ll be crossing a different finish line as I deliver a P.R. in the race for my life.


Dan said...

wow. thank you for sharing that. I am the race director of the Ragnar Relay Del Sol. I'm really touched by your story. We recently hired a woman who was/is fighting colon cancer. It's been sad, motivational, inspiring, and heart breaking to watch her go through that struggle. I wish you the best and hope and pray that you win this fight.


Dan Hill

Benson said...

My dear Aunt beat BC and she is back into her love of wilderness adventures getting stronger every day. "T" will beat it and be back even stronger too, I know it. Blessings for strength of iron to you both.