Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're making a difference!

Today one of the local papers ran a story about Tonsa, Breast Cancer Awareness and our team's efforts to raise some money. Check it out here.

Last night Tonsa asked me to come to her house for pictures an interview with another local paper, the Scottsdale Tribune. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate pictures, hate being in the spot-light. Heck, I even ran away to get married on an island, because I couldn't imagine walking down the isle in front of so many people! I am much more of a "behind the scenes" person.

ANYWAY, I couldn't make Tonsa be there alone, so I actually showered & got dressed in real people cloths after my swim workout (working from home has been fabulous for my mental health, not so great on my appearance) & met Tonsa. We sat through about 150 pictures (this girl was so click happy), then I listened to Tonsa tell her story. Had some tears at a couple of points. This woman is such an inspiration. Her main goal is to get the word out about self-examinations, particularly in the African American Community. She spoke of Cancer being the "C" word, but that she has learned so many other "C" words throughout this process. Courage, Compassion, Concern....

So, again I will put my camera fears aside, and head to her house tomorrow.

We (other team members as well) will be interviewed by FOX news & NBC news. Watch for us (if you are local, of course) at 5pm on Thursday!

Oh, and our goal for raising money for Susan G Komen has been raised to $5000. We're at $1805. So, if anyone is reading this please spread the word, and the website!!!

After the relay I will get back to my regular training, life, etc. postings. Right now, this is just what is important to me.

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momo said...

8:45 am, 3/30/07 - woo-hoo, let's get this party started!!!