Friday, March 9, 2007

Week #5 Roundup

Here we are again. Almost the end of another week of my IM training. You know, after tomorrow I will have completed the first 25% of the training. Pretty cool, eh?

Today was a little tough on me. Well, I actually feel really good, but my run was a little "off." Arizona weather decided to actually turn into Arizona Weather. Meaning, for the last couple of months we've been running in the 40's to 60's. That's cold for here. Then, out of nowhere comes the mid to upper 80's. This morning I met momo, Natalie & baby Kate for our 1:50 long run. We started later today to allow a little sleeping in, so it was nice about 60 or so when we started but jumped up to the 70s when we finished. My HR shot up from the get - go. I struggled with it all morning. I stayed in my zone, but the top of it, not where I like to be. My legs wanted to GO, but my HR said I cold only go a snail's pace (or at least that is what it felt like). Not sure if it was the jump in temp, or everything in bloom congesting my lungs. Either way it was just one of those days..... Not a bad one, not a good one... just an OK one.

Thanks to M & N & baby K for going slow for me ;-) Hopefully next week will be betta!

M & I finished the run with just enough time to eat & get to the pool for our "recovery" swim. We were really good today & did nice & easy. We always say we will, but we don't. Today we were good little recovery swimmers. And, it felt really good to "recover."

So, tomorrow is a 3:00bike ride followed by a :30 run. Hopefully we won't have a repeat performance of last weekend!!!

On another note, I just got off the phone ordering a cake. Next Saturday we are having a little "Bridal Celebration" for our friend Stacey. Stacey & her fiance' Dave are getting married this April in Rocky Point (for those of you non-AZ's, it's Puerto Penasco, Mexico) on the beach. It will be a fabulous mini-vacation for us all. Here's a pic of Stacey, Dave, S celebrating the New Year in RP. Fun times we've had there. What happens in Rocky Point, Stays in Rocky Point...

Anyway, back to the cake... I just ordered it. I think I am most excited for this part. I'm not going to give any details about the cake, because I know that Stacey reads this blog, BUT I will say I ordered this one partially for my own benefit. You see, about 3 years ago when I had my wedding reception my cake disappeared. I know, can you believe it? We had enough cake to feed over 200 people, and there were only about 120 there - you know they didn't ALL eat the cake. Well, sure enough come the end of the night that cake was GONE. I had that tiny, tiny little bite that Shane shoved in my mouth. That was it.... So, I've been waiting 3 years to taste it again. Hopefully Stacey enjoys it as much as I'm going to :-)

Even better, my friend Carrie is coming for the celebration. She gets in on Wed. Carrie & Stacey met last year in Rocky Point. It was "friends at once" :-) Carrie is currently in school, so she isn't able to come for the wedding (due to finals), so she's coming out for Spring Break & the Bridal Party! If you see any posts from "K's #1 Fan" that is her. She truly is my #1 fan. I'm sure deep down she thinks I'm crazy, but ya'd never know it. She's always ready to root me on, no matter what the adventure. She will be out there ALL Day long supporting me on June 24th. I've known her since 9th grade, I think.... There have been some CRAZY times with us. Maybe someday I'll share some of them, but not now. Right now I just wanted to mention her so you all can get another count for how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.

I'll try & find a fun old pic of us from H.S to post!

Have a great weekend!

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Faithful Soles said...

Awesome job on the training to date. I have started my triathlon training earlier than expected and may be doing a half-Ironman later in the year.

I wanted to also follow up and thank you again for linking your blog to our running Blog Database. It has now grown to bloggers from 37 states in the US and 21 other countries of all ages and abilities and has become a great resource for members to find blogs that meet their specific goals and interests.