Saturday, March 3, 2007

Toto where are you?

S & I were woken up at about 4 this morning by the wind. You could hear the trees whistling, the pool filling with our neighbors STUPID tree, and the sun shade smacking against the window outside. I wasn't surprised, because while I was checking for our morning forecast I saw 15-20mph winds. Can I tell you how much I was looking forward to this?

Anyway, the wind was BRUTAL. Roads we usually ride around 18-20mph, had us at about 15. It didn't help that we hit EVERY SINGLE stop light. AND, we were meeting some other friends at about 20miles into our loop. I felt so bad. It was our friends Toni, Dave & Stacey. Dave & Stacey JUST got their bikes. They've been on 3 rides with us. For some reason we always have less than ideal conditions on these rides. Or maybe it's the routes I choose. I don't know, but I'm beginning to worry that they aren't going to want to ride with us anymore! What really sucks is that on a NORMAL AZ day this route would have been wonderful. It's a lot of climbing at first, but we go up into the town of Cave Creek, which is so cute & you can see the mountains, it's beautiful. However the wind today made the slight up to Cave Creek feel like we were climbing something in the Tour de France. So, when we got to the last stop light before the town, I thought we should wait & see if they were going to continue on, or turn around at that point.

They chose the latter. I don't blame them... I swear someday we are going to go on a NICE ride where the conditions are ideal, it's early enough that all the crazy soccer moms aren't trying to run us over & then maybe they won't regret buying their bikes. I hope so anyway. Next weekend is supposed to be in the 80s. Hopefully the wind STAYS in KANSAS!!!

So, a couple potty stops, 2 flat tires (one of them mine. A little piece of glass stuck in my BRAND NEW TIRE) & 3:30 min RIDE time we are back home to do our :30min run off the bike. Somehow my legs felt great. Not as great as Sara's though, cause she took off on the run like a BAT OUT OF HELL! We are like .25 mile from the house & Shane's garmin says we are going an 8:15 pace. Well, THAT would explain why my HR went for 80-150bpm in 2 mins! HA.... We all backed off some, but Sara stayed out front, Shane about 20yards behind her & I was 20 yards behind him. I stayed in my zone, but it was the HIGH side of it...

About 12 mins into the run we went by some landscapers. They were nice enough to stop using their little blower things while we ran buy.. Unfortunately, with the wind, it didn't really matter. We might as well of just put our faces up to the thing & inhaled all the crud! My lungs started to freeze up & I could only take quick shallow breaths. I decided to turn around when my watch hit 14:30... I figured it would be a little slower on the way back home. I was right. I got to the house RIGHT at 30 mins. Shane shortly behind me, and Sara shortly behind him. I guess we all slowed down a bit! I ran inside & used my inhaler. I can just now, 2.5 hours later get a good breath! I sounds like I just smoked a pack of cigarettes though!

Man, what a day. We started at 8:20 & finished at 1:30. Kinda funny considering we only did a 3:30 ride, and a :30run..

So, even with all of these crazy circumstances I still had a really really good day. I felt really strong on the bike. I was able to be out in front a lot of the time, including up into Cave Creek with the wind blowing RIGHT at us. Best part, I had 10-15beats to spare in my zone 2. I think a lot of this is due to an adjustment Shane made to my saddle height last night. I'd been having a LOT of back pain. I'd switched out my saddles (SEVERAL TIMES) & think my bike fit got compromised somewhere along the way. Sure enough, my saddle was about 1.5cm too low. This is a pretty big deal on your bike. It also explains the knee pain I'd been having. And why I felt like my quads were going to BURST on the last few long rides.

Well, not today. I got to ride mini me the way she likes to go. FAST. Well, figuratively speaking FAST, cause with the wind, there really was no fast today :-)

To make the workout even better, even with my congested lungs I still manged about a 9:40pace for the 30min run. I was pretty darned happy with that.

Guess what tomorrow is? REST DAY, that's right.... I think I've deserved it. Mark this as week #4 completed. 3 weeks in a row, all 11 workouts CHECK! 16 weeks to go....

Whoo HOO. Ironman, here I come! First off, more food.. Seems to be the story of my life lately. We're going to Sushi Brokers tonight, and I can NOT wait. Sushi, Saki & Kirin light... what more could a girl want the night before her DAY of rest?


Spokane Al said...

You are definitely rocking on your way to IM CDA. I envy your outdoor rides while I am still on my trainer down in the basement.

momo said...

i was going to say something about you being up in front most of the time, you did great yesterday! especially with all that wind! here's hoping next week is MUCH bettah!

luv rocky point said...

Dave & I both agree if we were doing "easy" rides we'd be bored! The ride today did do me in though: When I got home I got the chills and then a fever! Just lying on the couch this morning trying to heal.

Ned said...

Congrats on finishing this week of training! WOOHOOO! You are doing AWESOME! Sorry about the wind for your ride, but sounds like you did well and felt great for your run!