Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I crashed... HARD

Well, today started off a little rough. I woke up in pain. I knew it was coming though. Yesterday, Daniel was mean. He created this 'fun' little workout for me.

Have you ever seen one of those saying shirts that says, "I make stuff up".... Well, Daniel needs one. This one weird exercise he concocted did me in. He had a stair stepper (which was held in place by a bunch of dumb bell weights) about 2 feet from a wall. Then he had me lean against the wall with an exercise ball behind me & go into a squat position. With that, I had to place my toes on the end of the stepper & do calf raises.

Are you picturing this? Well, if you can then go ahead and add my legs shaking perfusely as I'm doing it. The weird part is that the actual movement did not hurt or burn, but the legs were shaking from the other sets I'd been doing (this was the last exercise of the set). And, I did them all 4 times. And, this was after a 30+mile bike ride.

SO, back to the pain.... My calves are SOOO sore today I am walking funny. And yes, I did ANOTHER ice bath in the pool after my run to try to help.

So Daniel, I know this is all for the better of me & my training, but DAMN!!!!!

I also have to add a correction to my last post about swimming. Today I used my tempo trainer again (have I mentioned how much I love this thing?). Anyway - they were all sets of 300yards at different levels. There were 2 - level 4s in the set

In my last post I said I did my last set of 600 yards with the first 200 at level 2, then caught up to my tempo trainer for the last 400. I had my time as 8:19. I learned today I must have missed a lap, because both of my 300s at level 4 (first one tempo trainer set at :96, next time :95) & my times were 4:40 & 4:45 (I think)... So, there is no way I could have done the 600 at 8:19. Darn..... But, I am still confident I'm going to get there eventually. I still have like 4 months :-)

The end of the swim leads to me to the title of this post. CRASH. I did it, or rather it happend to me BAD. Hopefully I learned my lesson. I needed to stop by the store for dinner stuff. I decided to do it on my way home from swimming. I'm never really hungry right after swimming, so I thought I'd be ok running in to get a few things. WRONG. Somehow about :45mins after getting to the store I was home. On Empty... not even fumes left in my system. I had hit the wall about 15mins after I got to the store, and there was no turning back. I was wondering aimlessly up & down the isles looking for... That was the problem, I had crashed so hard, I didn't even know what I was looking for!!!!

As I was checking out, I realized I'd grabbed a few energy bars to try out (I found these new snack size balance bars, something to just tie you over at only 100cals). I asked the checkout person to hold it out of the bags. About 2 mins later I was on my way to the car. About :20 seconds & 3 bites later that mini-bar was in my body. I kid you not, 3 whole bites. Now, if you ask me if it was good, I don't think I can tell you. However, it did the trick & got my sugar levels back up so I could at least get home & get some nutrition in me.

So today's lesson learned - no more errands after swimming unless I eat!!!

Hope you got a good laugh at picturing me wondering the isles of the grocery store!!

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Benson said...

I hate that I can relate to this. I've "crashed" in the same manner and turned into "aggro man." Since then I've learned that I have to eat within 30 minutes after a hard swim or I'm road kill. Ya gotta love those fun size energy bars. I have a stash in my glove box.