Monday, March 19, 2007

Time to get back to normal!!! (or life as I know it)

What a week! After all of the crazy travels at the beginning of the week, I struggled to "catch up." After no sleep the first couple of nights back, I was so ready to just get in bed & stay there for a week. Of course that wasn't going to happen, but somehow I did get a great night's sleep on Thursday. S & I were in bed by 8:30, so we could get up at 4:45 & do our 2:10 long run.

I awoke nice & refreshed before the alarm even went off. I must have passed out as soon as I hit the pillow :-) The run went REALLY well, minus a few stomach issues (I think still messed up from the travel). S & I ran 2.5miles up to a park where I met Stacey. S left us after that so he could run his own speed. He's finally broken the 10min barrier & moving more like 8:45-9:30 aerobically. Stacey ran 8.5miles with me, which helped a lot. We talked about her upcoming wedding, and old friendships. Next thing I new, we were on the last mile stretch back to the park where she would stop. I had 2.5miles to go, and my time was already1:55. I knew I'd be over a little, and figured I'd just walk the last quarter mile. But, after I left Stacey, there was some nice downhill & shade. So, with that & not talking my HR dropped about 5beats & I got home in 23mins. My overall time was 2:18 for 13.4miles, avg HR 154.

13.4 miles!!!! That is the furthest I have run since before my surgery. The furthest I have run since the NY marathon in 2003! My legs felt pretty darn good, with the exception of poor blistered toes.... However, as the day went on I started to feel some pain on the top of my left foot.... I really started noticing it when I pushed off the wall during my swim. Hmmmm, this is not good.

Friday was another early night. We had a 3:30 ride for Saturday, and it was Stacey's bridal celebration party later that night at my house. We started out on the ride a little late. Poor Sara got a flat on her car tire... We did a 50mile loop that is all up for the first 15miles, then down for 10, then rollers for about 5 & then solid climb at the end. The wind was crazy. Oh, I forgot to say HEAD wind. You had to really hang on as not to be blown to the side of the road. I wasn't really having fun. I think still tired, it was hot & thinking of all the things I still needed to do to prep for the party. I decided I was just going to ride hard & get home! I stopped taking it easy and headed to the front of the pack, where I stayed until the last 10miles. Something happened & I was sweating SALT like you wouldn't believe. It was all over my face, going in my eyes & I got a horrible headache. I finished my Gatorade thinking that would help, but it was too late. My quads were starting to cramp.

We made a pit stop before the big climb & I went in the gas station looking for the little salt packets. No luck. So, I drank some more Gatorade, and had another power gel. My headache went away, but it was too much all at once, so climbing the hill I was a mess. My HR was barely into my zone, but I was nauseous.

We were about 4 miles from home & still needed :45 of ride time. S & I decided to call it a day. It wasn't worth feeling so bad just to get the time in. I was so happy with my decision. I got home & actually saw what a mess I was. I could literally scrape the salt off my chest in chunks (I know GROSS!).

To make matters worse I decided to try out the lactaid pills I had bought so I could try the 1st Endurance Recovery drink again. See, I've been having problems with all of the recovery drinks (except Cliff Recovery). The Dairy makes me sick & my throat starts to swell. Well, I was hoping the lactaid pills would help me digest. WRONG! About 5mins after I finished the drink I had to run to the bathroom & throw it up!!! Unbelievable.... Guess I just need to stick to what my tummy is happy with.

What a day huh? Well, it got better. Carrie (my friend in town from Washington) & I spent the afternoon doing some final errands for the party & get home to get ourselves ready. The girls started to show up about 6pm. It was a great night. We didn't actually make it out of the house, but just did a wine tasting (Pinot Noir), watched Stacey open her gifts, ate yummy food & cake & enjoyed the company. I'd love to post a couple pics, but I'm not sure Stacey wants them out for the world to see :-)

So, today is a new week. Week number 7 actually. I maneged to only miss a few workouts last week, and with all that was going on I was VERY happy with that.

Week 6 totals:
Run - 28 miles
Bike - 68 miles
Swim - 6000meters

This week (#7) is a build week on the bike. We have 4:15 this weekend which will be my longest bike ride ever! Thankfully the crazy heat wave we had last week is going to drop off a bit, so it will be nice temps :-)

This week is:

Run 1:10 (moderate, low zone 2)
Swim 3000meters (Long, Zone 2)
Bike 2:20 (moderate)
Weight training
Run Speed Set (to prep for Relay Race, I guess) (anaerobic zone 164+)
Swim 2500meters (Tempo)
Bike 1:30 (Tempo)
Weight Training
Run Long 1:50mins
Swim 2500meters (moderate)
Bike(brick) 4:15/:30run


Spokane Al said...

Sounds like, in spite of your stomach/salt troubles that you had a kick butt bike ride and run.

If you are interested, I rode the IM CDA course yesterday and posted about it.

luv rocky point said...

Thanks for holding back on posting a photo from the party! I am sure you were tempted. Maybe you can use a photo later on as an exhibit of what NOT to do for IM training :)

Thank you for throwing such a great party!! It was exactly what I wanted - I couldn't ask for anything else. I'm very appreciative of all that you & Carrie did to make it a fun night. IM-in training, event organizer, party planner - you are quite the renaissance woman! I'm very glad you are still on track with all of your training. Good luck this week with all of your workouts!

momo said...

i'm actually glad i missed the ride on saturday... ;-) it was a smart move to cut it short. had i been there in person, i would have said the same thing.

next up... RAGNAR!