Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The bags are packed (small miracle in itself for me), boarding pass printed, taxi-service via friends confirmed and besides taking a shower, it's all done before 4pm. Don't judge, the shower is least of my worries. I only worked out for an hour today, ya know :-)

Besides obsessively checking the weather, exchanging numerous texts with my coach, fellow racers and friends in the area I feel like this IM prep has been pretty seamless. Could it be I'm finally getting the hang of these things? My bags aren't over-stuffed, I don't think I've forgotten anything and I don't seem the least bit nervous (yet).

The water is going to be cold, the bike brisk and the run (as of now) near perfect for me. I can't wait to get back there on this course. I've got someone chasing me this time. I have a feeling I might be looking behind my shoulder a few dozen times, but if everything plays out the way it should…. He won't be catching me THIS TIME.
Have fun chasing me Daniel. I'll see you at the finish :-) Don't worry, I'll buy the snow cone this time.


biochemsita said...

kick butt out there! I've been seeing ya run strong...so just keep it up to the finish!

blw627 said...

kick some serious booty girl!

Colleen said...