Monday, June 6, 2011

First Week in June

I hate to say the word "never" cause I swear every time I do it comes back to bite me eventually, but I think this is a good time to say it. NEVER let me sign up for an A race that takes place the first week/weekend in June. Most likely, I'm going to be sick.

I was joking around a few weeks ago as Ironman is approaching I needed to find my bubble. I'm accident prone, a klutz and the second I let my body start to rest, everything seems to go to shit. I started taking airborne daily about 2 weeks ago. I am trying to get as much sleep as possible and I'm eating as many fruits and veggies as I can stuff in my face, as well as adding extra protein to my diet. We can only control so much, right?

Just like last year, during deuces wild oly tri when Shane & I both came down with the stomach flu & mine went on and on and on, seems I'm repeating it again. Similar thing happened the year before although I think I did the smart thing that time and took 10days off (no ironman to train for) and got myself a little healthier.

So here I am, 3 weeks out from Ironman where my training has been near flawless (minus a little IT band freak out). I've done multiple century rides, 2x20miler runs and some race pace run/bricks. The crazy long stuff is done, but this weekend was supposed to be the last big push with 2x mid distance rides with some focused swim & run bricks. We had a trip planned to Mexico with my sister, niece & her inlaws but planned to come back for the weekend training. I was feeling a little tired and the weather was absolutely gorgeous so I decided to stay until Saturday, enjoy the beach one more day & I'd do my 2 bike workouts Sun/Monday instead…

On the drive home Saturday morning I was feeling a little queasy. The road is a little bumpy so I just figured it was car sickness. It only got worse from there, and shortly after dinner (I will NOT be eating veggie burgers and broccoli any time soon) I was sick as a dog. I couldn't keep anything in me and had a fever, chills, aches and god awful stomach pain all night. I sent a 4am text to my girlfriend who was supposed to be at my house to ride in a couple hours that I was sick and finally fell asleep around 5am.

I know that most of the hard work is done for Ironman training, but this is the fun part. The part where you get to fine tune everything and start getting crazy excited and nervous and scared about the race! Instead all I'm thinking about is when I'm going to feel 100% and when it will be smart, not stupid to head out on my bike, or get into the pool. My fever is gone, I can eat, yet everything isn't exactly staying in me (nuff said about that).

I hate being sick. I hate laying around and doing nothing, and most of all I hate knowing that I shouldn't be doing anything. So for now, I'm just going to keep sipping on my gatorade, resting and waiting for coachie to tell me what to do.

And, if anyone has any home remedies and best nutrition for a slightly uneasy/sensitive stomach please let me know!


elizabeth said...

all i have to say is REST and don't push it... can you imagine trying to race an ironman feeling like that - yeah, I learned it's a bad idea. You will be GREAT in time for CDA and your training has been phenomenal. JUST get healthy and don't go crazy. :))

Molly said...

Keep resting up!!! Better to do less now, after you've put all that hard work in, than blow it.

mtanner said...

I am with you on the June races! Please dont let me do it to myself next year. Just trust in your plan. The hard work is done. Just get it all out now. Feel better soon and I look forward to meeting you!