Sunday, June 12, 2011

How do you know?

I'm having a pity party. While my husband was off in Mexico with a bunch of our friends for one of our favorite events, Circus Mexicus, I was at home with a plan of having some great last ditch training after missing out due to the flu last weekend. Things didn't go exactly as planned.

I felt better and stronger every day this week, but still wasn't sleeping the best. Achy legs, and just restless. I went back to my all natural diet of lots of fruits and veggies and extra protein (after 4 days of bland carbs). I didn't push myself during the week… But still, when I headed out for my 4hour ride on Saturday I still felt a little FLAT. I was able to chase a few people up some hills, so that felt good getting my HR up, but as soon as we turned around to head back home I just had nothing. I wasn't hurting, I wasn't cramping, stomach fine.. I was just BLAH. I ended up accidentally shortening the loop by turning around too early so it was ~66 miles 3:40, good enough! Next up was a :45 min transition run, 4 miles at a good solid pace, then finishing up ez. Since I was lacking energy I downed a half a coke before heading out. WOW, did that help! I felt way better than the last couple of bricks in the heat where I was trying to nail a set pace.

Note to self: Need to figure out if I put a coke on my bike, or just wait for the run….

After jumping in the pool to cool down, hopping in the shower I was back to feeling "flat." I put on my PJs and plopped myself on the couch with my dogs for an all afternoon movie fest.

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I watched "Country Strong" (I HATE country music, and am NOT a big fan of Gweneth Paltrow) and I LOVED it!

In bed by 9 but still didn't fall asleep right away. The alarm went off about 5am & I somehow tinkered around for over an hour, finally leaving just after 6. I had a loop in my head planned out that would hopefully get me the 3hours on my schedule, but I also had some Tempo Intervals to do… About 15mins into the ride I saw our Tri Team leader and turned around to chat with him for a bit. He made a couple of comments about what was I doing out there, why 2 long rides and noting again how I can't do anything to help myself and my fitness at this point.

He's not the first person saying these things. I know it, my coach knows it & if anything this weekends training was more for me mentally since I missed the 3 week out weekend training due to the flu. However, I kept having these thoughts in my head about should I be out here riding, where's my HR? Do I need more rest? Did I jump back into training too soon after being sick? WHAT should I do?

After 30mins of my HR not going above 120bpm I made the decision and headed for home. I just didn't have it, and to be honest it was probably more mentally than physically. I know I've got some GREAT potential to do well at IMCDA, and I just don't want to do anything to screw it up!

I'm heading for an easy swim to flush out yesterdays training then a massage and taking tomorrow off (yes coach, I won't be doing that FLOP swim tomorrow, I'm going to let my massage do it's magic) and hope to get some run confidence with a fun run I have planned for Tuesday…

I am trusting my coach, trusting my body and trusting that everything I've done the past 5 months is going to show up on June 26th.


Molly said...

It will all show up for sure and in fine Krista form! Your body just got a good whack from being sick and needs a little more recovery. You're almost there!

Michelle Simmons said...

You will be fine. I promise. :)