Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things I've done before turning 30

As I mentioned before, I'm turning 30. Very soon. And, apparently, it is supposed to be a BIG deal. But, I really don't see it as that. I see it as another day... another number, and I still think I'm 25.

So, I decided to reflect some and take note of some of the things I've done, seen and accomplished in the past 10 years, all before the age of 30.... In no particular order, here are a few of them!

  • Met the love of my life and got married him on an island far away... and alone.. well besides the random other vacationers...

  • Learned there is more to life than a savvy career of climbing the corporate ladder, and most importantly, that it was NOT for me

  • I've been lucky enough to find a job that is perfect for me. I am happy and content, and most of all blessed

  • Raised 2 crazy breed puppies from 7 weeks old. They are my babies, my pride and joy

  • First in my family (immediate) to graduate with a bachelors degree

  • Completed 4 Stand Alone Marathons, several half marathons, triathlons, half ironmans....

  • Became an Ironman

  • Learned a lot about what a true friend is, and filled my life with them

  • Because of this, I feel I have become a better friend, a better person

  • Left my hometown of Spokane, WA after college graduation to move to Phoenix. No job. No money. I've never looked back...

  • Traveled. I have so much more to see, but I've been all over the US, to Europe, Antigua, Belize....

  • Donated. I've raised thousands of dollars for several charities. My first marathon was for (UCP) United Cerebral Palsy, my last marathon raised money for the Erin Kimbal Foundation

  • I've overcome injury, and surgery and sickness. I will not be defeated. I am strong

  • I've been stung by a stingray and visited the Red Cross in Mexico

  • I've been rescued by lifeguards in LA, caught in a rip tide

I can't wait to see what the next 10 years send my way!!! :-)

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