Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it really almost December?

Is everyone noticing the Christmas decorations all over? Is it really almost December? Is it REALLY almost the end of the year? Where on earth did this year go. I swear, it has been the fastest, craziest, most exciting year yet.....

This weekend S & I spent most of our time moving my stuff into my new office.... It's ALMOST there, just a couple cables to finish moving around, and then attaching my book shelf to the wall.

The kids have decided they think the new futon is the COOLEST dog bed ever. Abby & Baxter are sound asleep next to each other on it. I so need to get some REAL dog beds. I wish they weren't so damn cute. My "GET OFF" "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED UP THERE" lasted, oh, about 2 minutes.... I have no control in this house.

It's a quick short week for me. Thursday we are having my family over for Thanksgiving, then Friday early morning I am on a plane to Seattle. It's going to be a mini-reunion with some friends. Carrie will be there for the race, and I will also be seeing 3 of my college friends/roommates.

Friday I will be meeting up with a couple of them for dinner/drinks/catching up, then Saturday another friend is driving over from Vancouver to hang out with me. Sunday is the race, and it also happens to be Carrie's birthday (what a way to do up your first big run race, huh?), then Monday morning I am on another flight to Boston for work....

I'm a little worried about my legs for this race. I did manage to get in a 5mile run on Saturday, and I did not have any IT band pain.... until the next day that is. My leg was REALLY hurting.

I've decided that after this race I am going to take 3 weeks off of running. It is going to be the hardest thing for me.... I know as soon as it feels good, I'm going to want to get out there on the road. I just need to keep telling myself it's for the better, and I can't end up like before. Can.Not!

The Daniel trainer workouts are going well. I'm still sore from Thursday, if that tells you anything. Apparently a couple of months off & training for a marathon are not exactly the best way to keep your strength. Oops. But, I'm still going for more torture today, and hopefully Wed am as well.

Shane & I made a pretty cool "Christmas present" purchase yesterday. Since we will be at our Mexico house for SIXTEEN days this year, we REALLY REALLY wanted to get a Kayak. The dolphins are all over this time of year and they come so close to the shore you could almost reach them! So.... We bought and are bringing THIS down there with us?!?

How cool is that?

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it... Hopefully this will help burn some of the um.... adult beverages calories off!! :-)


supalinds said...

Don't feel bad about taking time off from running, I know that is easier said than done. But you will come back better.

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned...and the cool!!

Good luck on your race this weekend.

stronger said...

The kayak will be fun. Just make sure the adult beverages wear off before you get in...or you'll be upside down!

Bigun said...

great purchase...kyacking is a blast, and the dolphins will enjoy the company.

brendaj said...

My previous dog loved the futon too. Cool kayak!

Benson said...

It sounds like you've hit on the 'Holiday Anti-stress' gig.
And what is it about dogs and funtons? Mine too.