Sunday, November 4, 2007

I thought 30 was the new 20?

So this whole turning 30 thing hasn't really been a big deal to me. But, it seems like EVERYONE else seems to think it should be. That, or they are just plain old being mean.

For instance, the other day I got a nice little letter in the mail from my Health Insurance Provider that basically said,

"Thank you for spending God awful amounts of money with us each year to get the very minimal coverage. As a reward for that we have decided to, once again screw you over. We see that you are reaching a new milestone in your life. You are getting old. You are going to start falling apart, therfore, you will pay for it. You have reaching the OLD lady bracket and as of Jan 1, 2008 you will now be giving us your life savings, because, again... You.Are.Old."

Thank you."

Ok.. so that might not be EXACTLY what the letter said, but it was something like that....

In some ways I don't feel like I'm this age. When I'm asked my age, I swear a lot of times I have to really think about it, because naturally I want to say like 25. I don't know why.

I moved to Arizona when I was 22. I don't feel like I've been here for enough time to already be 30.

I met Shane when I was 23. Have I really known him for that long? It seems like just yesterday he got me drunk and tried to take advantage of me :-)

I remember my MOM wearing a shirt that said 29 and holding. I was 6. And I remember it. Could I really be HER age now?

Hmmm.. Well, like I said. I just don't really think it's THAT big of a deal. Part in the fact that I don't FEEL like I'm old. And, it helps that most the people I hang out with are older than me.

But then again... I do kinda act old.

I stay at home and watch movies on the weekends.
I go to bed at 9pm
I wake up sometimes when it's still dark.
Sleeping past 7am is SO sleeping in
I no longer drink cheap beer, or cheap anything for that matter...

HOWEVER, it seems that my friends are intent on telling me how bad everything gets when you turn 30.

You get adult acne (ugh, hello that happened to me at 28)
Your metabolism slows WAYYYY down (again, happened at 2)
Everything hurts (hello, have you read my blog.... heard my medical history... I'm SO way ahead of THAT one)
It takes soooo much longer to get back into shape (DUH)
You need more sleep (hmmm, not sure about this one)

I'm pretty sure the list goes on. Thing is, I just don't believe it. Or, it's not that I don't believe it, I just feel like all of these things happened already to me. An early bloomer, if you will.

I mean, I feel like I did everything early. I went to college already starting the party burnout, so by the time I was a senior, ugh, hello... I was so close to being DONE. Most of my friends were just getting started... and some are still performing.

My body started changing at 25. I've had more injuries than anyone deserves to have in a lifetime.....

I just refuse to believe things can get worse. Besides. I look at my girlfriends who are all 34+ and they look and act like they are in their 20s. They are mature, beautiful and strong women. They have great skin, and great bodies and great health.

So, I've decided to ignore them.... and everyone else who wants to rain on my parade. Who cares about stupid age. It's just a number, right?


Hilary said...

delurking to say that, even not doing triathlon (yet), 30-something is a hell of a lot better than 20-something. my 30s have been awesome; a difference in self-confidence and awareness, I guess. and I suspect, from what I've read, you'll find the same in your life. you've already got such a great foundation for the next decade. Fabulous friends, health (despite the injuries; I hear you there, as I'm typing one-handed post-shoulder surgery), a partner you clearly adore, great dogs, a sport (or 3) you love. What's not to look forward to?

Erin said...

Loved this post. And I, too, often have to think about my age when asked. I don't feel a day over 27 at the most. But, perhaps that's the most important thing, no?

Sharon said...

When I mention your age, I am just being MEAN :)!! Ha ha!! I feel like I am only 17...I just pretend to be grown, so don't worry...getting old is no big deal...I'm 50 and look at me! :)

Benson said...

The 30's will be great...and so will all the rest of the numbers after that. Live to the fullest.

Andra Sue said...

It's all just perspective. I mean, if you had 3 kids already, ate fast food all the time and never exercised, you'd probably feel OLD too!!!

For me, 25 was more of a significant birthday...I felt like being 25 somehow qualified me as an adult. Maybe I was long enough out of college at that point to start feeling settled. I'd also started working on my MBA, so that might have been part of it. Who knows?

Although, I do somewhat believe in the body falling apart thing...I got my first cavity EVER at 30. (Gross!) It was a very traumatic experience, I must say.

kt said...

Hey girl, I am writing this in December, so not sure you will even read it! (I was reading a bunch of back posts since I just "found" your blog.) First of all I just have to say that we may possibly be long lost sisters or something! I wish that I lived in Arizona so that we could get to know each other better. You have no idea how funny it was listening to me read each of your posts. I was laughing out loud, saying things like, "I totally do that!" and "ha, for sure".

You doggies are so freakin cute! Their bios on the left side of your blog were hilarious.

As for this post. I am going to be 28 this year and I feel the exact same way. When I turned 25 I got all "emotional" at dumb stuff, like I cry during just about every single episode of Gray's Anatomy. =0) Never used to do any of that. When I turned 27, I too, got adult acne. Pretty much taken care of that. Thank goodness. =0) And many other little funny things along the way.
Sorry this got a little long but can't wait to read more as you post it. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so that I could track you back to yours. Love it.