Tuesday, November 13, 2007

jumped the gun a little...

I'm thinking my "road to recovery" post was a little premature.. Unfortunately.

While, my neck is still healing fantastically, my IT band is still well, the same. I've had little to NO pain in my neck and arms. Some Saturday, but I slept funny and we were running around all day long and picking up boxes, etc. I actually felt great again in the am.

Now, my IT band is another story. Saturday I was able to do 45mins with Shane & the dogs. It was great. Not 100%, I could still feel some tugging, but no stopping me pain. I stopped and stretched a couple of times and it was fine.

Later that night my knee started catching a bit more...

I took Sunday off, well from normal exercises, Shane & I were busy building my new office (A.K.A. the spare bedroom) and normal weekend cleaning. I'll share pictures of that when it's actually finished. Which includes another trip to IKEA to exchange the futon cover because I decided it's not going to work out..... Have you all been to IKEA? IT's like going into Toys R US on Black Friday. Times 150..... It's a day trip.

But enough on that.

So, yesterday morning I woke up. I should have known better. My left IT was catching as soon as I got out of bed. I rolled, iced and decided I was running anyway. I just shorter loops close to my house so I didn't get stuck too far out, but if it didn't hurt I could go as far as allowed. I actually had a few moments where I thought... Hey, I might get in an hour today! But, then after about 20 or so mins, I could feel pain. Again, not the stop me in my tracks pain like several weeks ago. But, something is wrong pain..... I had it off and on for the next 15mins.

I was frustrated. I am angry. I'm worried about CDA. I am worried about Ragnar Relay.

I started to throw a temper tantrum. Over IM. To my wonderful friend. It started out something like, "I am NEVER running a STAND ALONE marathon AGAIN!".....

She listened, and responded and tried to come up with solutions (shoes, orthotics, YOGA), of which I shot every single one down....

Cause, I am bitter. I am angry, and most of all I am an expert on this damn injury. I started to feel sorry for myself and think about the "why me" aspects. But then... I finally came to my senses.

I know that everyone has challenges. Every one's are different. I was just comparing my challenge to people who don't have the same one. People who can train and race and do all the things that I want to do with out injury or pain or something...

But deep down, deep down I know that they too have something. Something they are challenged by, and frustrated by, and angered by.

So, I knocked myself out of my pity part (for the most part) and realized how lucky I am. I have my best friend and husband. I have all of my friends, and family and kids.

So, pretty much other than my stupid stupid injured body. I've got it all.

My new 'plan' is to do the half marathon in Seattle WITH my friend Carrie. It is her first race. her first time ever doing this distance. I will walk/run with her. I'll get her water from the aid stations and take pictures and have fun.

And, after that. I am taking 3 weeks off from running. I'm doing everything I can to get my strengthening in twice a week.

I will slowly build my running back up while we are in Mexico in December.

And, today.... today I am riding Mini Me.

Thanks for listening...


Spokane Al said...

I will be hoping that things work out for you soon.

momo said...

i really think mini me was happy to be out today. she said so. she told me she wants to play with barbie way more often. especially up mcdowell like fifty times.

you'll get it figured out. i am positive your running days are NOT over. go to daniel, take a break, roll those babies out - do what you know you need to - and you will be back. guaranteed.

Carrie said...

not the greatest news for you BUT super fantastic news FOR ME!!! YOU'RE STILL AN IM ROCKSTAR AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!
hugs n kisses
the 'friend carrie'

Benson said...

Jeeeeez. I hate hearing things like this. I hope your plan works and everything heals up great.

supalinds said...

There is nothing worse than having an injury hold you back. I am sorry to hear it is still bothering you.

But take it one day at a time, and take it easy. You have plenty of time to prepare. The good news about triathlons is that you can still swim and bike, without pain, I hope. And biking helps the running, so you still will get better, without running.

Hang in there.

Bolder said...

hey there TriDogMom, following up with you and everyone on your offer for help!

the blog is up here:


we are working through the name, and a graphic design... have a look!

brendaj said...

I try to avoid the Ikea shopping experience at all costs. I did buy a futon a few months ago (my only purchase there in 5 years), and after our niece had an "accident" we discovered that removing the futon cover and putting it back on is a workout in itself. This involved my husband crawling completely inside the cover to get it back on.