Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Road to Recovery... I think

I wanted to give an update about my Neck Injury/Progress.... Oh, and the IT band seems to be getting better.

I babied it like crazy last week, and did a lot more walking than running. I walked 10miles, ran 9.5. On Sunday I was able to do 3.5miles by shortening my stride. It was the best run of the 3, and had no pain after the run. I am hoping to do either 3.5 or 4 tomorrow as well.... I just don't want to lock it up again...

On Monday I had my 3rd and final Epidural Injection. My first one was on October 8th, and they are done in a serious of 3 every two weeks.

The idea is that the each injection basically works of the last. The steroids are supposed to have more of an effect each time. Fortunately, I think it's working. Although the 3rd one has not had enough time to really change anything yet, the first two have really seemed to help.

The first injection was the most painful. It took 3 days before I was not in a LOT of pain. I couldn't turn my neck, or bend it forward or backward. It was a consistent throb. My arms were also throbbing... Then about 5 days later, the arm pain subsided, and I also had a couple of neck-pain free days.

Unfortunately, that didn't last... I would say that my neck pain decreased about 20%, and arm pain about 60%

Then after injection 2 the recovery was much better. I was moving around on day 2 much better, still hurting from the injection and had restricted mobility, but nothing like the first.

3 days later I was able to go for an easy bike ride.

Week 4, or 1 week after the second injection I had a lot more progress. I had virtually no arm pain.. just a little bit when my neck got really tight, AND best of all, I was able to do 3 swims that week.

My arm pain was about 90% better, and neck pain about 60%.

So - I'm really hoping that once the steroids have time to settle in and to their work, my arm pain will be 100% better, and neck pain close to that. I'm sure I will always have to work with the tight neck, and possibly have chiropractic treatments, but I really really hope that I don't have a flare up like this again.

I know that my C-spine has some permanent, degenerative issues.... but I'm still hopeful.

So, this has been quite a journey. So far in 4 weeks I have:

Accumulated (so far) about $1000 in medical bills...
*NOT slept....
**When I do sleep, I wake up about every 2 hours to go to the bathroom
***... I think because the steroids make me retain fluids it all day long, then for some cruel reason want me to get it out all at once!
****Broken out in hives
*****Had a new found appreciation for people who are always HOT, because I've been DYING lately.. and I'm normally VERY cold.
******Lost my appetite, with the exception of a week long binge (and I'm talking SERIOUS binge) on crappy Halloween Candy, and a couple random ravenous days...
*******Regained my love of veggies. I can't get enough of them
********Lost ~6lbs - go figure. Eat candy, don't sleep, don't work out much.... Jeez, why didn't I come up with THAT strategy before?
*********Organized my closet, my pantry, my desk....

and........ FOUND THE END OF THE INTERNET (thanks to Momo)

Thanks to all for your support and good wishes, I'm really hoping this is the end of the pain and new beginning to my IM 08 training!

A special thanks to my friend Sara for helping me find a medical solution for all of this, and referring me to Dr. Rubin...


momo said...

yay! she's back!!!!

let's swim!

Benson said...

Good news on many fronts. Ease back into it and enjoy yourself.

Spokane Al said...

Wow, what a story! I am glad to hear that you are on the mend.

brendaj said...

Glad you're feeling better. And welcome to your 30's...they're not really that bad!

supalinds said...

Wow that is quite a healing journey...glad to see you are on the mend :)

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

yay!! The 30's are GREAT!! Wait for the 40's...lol, it gets better, it really does!
Nice to see you Darlin!