Friday, June 8, 2007


Does my countdown ticker really say 15 days left? Holy COW! That is SO soon..... I keep saying 3 weeks for some reason. I'm stuck on that 3 week countdown. Guess I better change that up.


That sounds cool, huh?

Ok - so really I just got online to give a quick update. My ankle. It seems to be A-OK.

I did not do anything on Tuesday. It was pretty swollen and sore and a little bruised.

I decided to go ahead and do my long swim (5500yards), it went pretty well, I just had to use the pull buoy a lot.

After the swim I went to my PT appt. Matt said I tore tore some of the ligaments on the outside, but it wasn't so bad. He did tissue work on it for about 30 or so minutes, then they hooked me up to the stem unit & iced it. He told me cycling and swimming were good, but I needed to be able to hop on the one foot before running.

Matt knows better than to tell me NO. We have that kinda of relationship :-0 He treated me for 3 years... He knows that NO is NOT in my vocabulary.

So, of course, I ran today. Momo and I did a nice UP then DOWN out and back 12mile route. OR, just under 12miles. We ended up short on time, but decided to call it a day. It was a good run. My ankle survived. Momo had me stick my whole foot in a bucket of ice water before I could go home... all in all it was successful, and I'm glad I did it.

It's a little sore now, so I'll ice it before I go to bed.

On the social front... the Bach weekend festivities have begun. Man, am I out of "fun" shape! Several of these girls are my college buddies. Let me tell you. They can still HANG! Wed we met up for Sushi... they were drinking it up.... Thursday they came over to my house to get some sun and drink some beers.... Then it was happy hour, which turned into closing the bars down. And, today... they were back over at my house drinking coronas and lounging in the pool.

Now, you know you are in a whole different league when you get up at 4:30am to see messages from your friends left at 2:15am saying they are locked out of the house.... I guess I missed them by about 30mins, as they were finally let in at 4am. How funny would that have been? Me stopping by to picking up my drunk (yes, still drunk) friends, so they could go to bed for the night, and I could go get my 2hour run in.

So, tonight is a wine night. I must admit I'm sad to miss this one. Unfortunately their reservations are not until 8:30, and that is just far too late for this girl who turns into a pumpkin at 9pm. So, I'm eating some pasta here in a few, then heading to the airport for the 3rd time to pick up another friend... then dropping her off.

Tomorrow we have a 5hour ride, then I will partake in the Saturday festivities. I hope I live to update you all on the adventures.... It will certainly be interesting. I told my friends they have to keep me from dancing so I can keep this body in one piece! The night will consist of dinner & drinks... limo....and some dance clubs. Oh, and we are all wearing matching tanks. I'm sure we will be sticking out in the crowd. I'll make sure to send pictures so you can see a whole other side of me...

Have a good weekend!


momo said...

your poor body is not going to know what hit it come sunday morning. if you want to bag the swim on sunday, that's good with me. ;-)

NOT. ha!! you are there sistah, so be warned, i'm dragging your hiney to the lake on sunday, hungover and all.

take pictures! and as always - HAVE FUN.

Spokane Al said...

You sound like you are as hard headed as me when it comes to training through injuries.

That said, be careful so you don't find yourself in my predicament where I made my problem worse by not listening to my body.