Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adventures of Momo and Tri-Dogmom

Well, I think the title says it all.....
You know what is cool about working from home? Ok, so besides the obvious (staying in your pajamas or running cloths, no office drama, etc) Flexibility. You know what is cool about working for your friend, who also happens to be just as crazy as you, and obsessed about the perfect fit, and perfect outfit, and... ....... ....?

You get to pick up on a Tuesday at 1 and drive down to Tucson to the big fancy Trisports shop to test out wetsuits in their new Endless Pool!

Well, thank GOD for all of these things, because had yesterday not happened, I'd be well... uh.. SCREWED.

So, I wrote about my wetsuit issues last post. I was freaking out Sunday night and again Monday am.... I tried Momo's Desoto First Wave suit at the pool Monday. It fit fine, but like her, the shoulders were not right. It was too restricting. So, now what?

I was looking at S's new wetsuit - the 2xu Elite, that he tried out on Sunday and LOVED. The arms were so thin and flexible. I decided that was what I wanted.

So, I called Trisports and decided to order it. Never mind that I am usually a very savvy bargain shopper. At this point, 12 days from the race, I was running out of time.

OUT.OF.STOCK. - Of course they are.... at least in my size. Or, the size I THOUGHT I was...
So the girl talks me into the Blue Seventy Helix. Now, my sleeveless is the old Ironman Stealth. I love it. It fits perfectly. She said the Helix is a step up from the Stealth, that she loves it. Her shoulders never get sore or tired, and if I love the Stealth I would love this.

OK, So she sold me. And, I was ordering a $500 freaking wetsuit. Less my 15% club discount of course.
Then my conversation with momo about it not fitting - what would I do? Next thing you know, her kids and the two of us are on our way to Tucson...

So, of course the first thing Momo sees is the new Zoot Zenith and the fact that it has PINK in it. She of course wants to try that one on.

I go for the Helix. Size Medium, just like I ordered. 10mins later I step out of the changing room and the guy helping us says, "No, I don't like that AT ALL" I looked in the mirror and it really did look funny. There were these big gaps around my armpit... Then, he said it was too much room on my back as well. He said if I were to wear it in the water it would fill up and only cause me problems.

So, I watch Melisa gracefully swimming in the Black & Pink Swimsuit...and I am sent off to try on another suit.

This time he puts me in a size Medium 2xu Comp2, because they do not have any of the Elite.

Same problem. Only worse. This one is way too big in the upper area. Now, you have to imagine having something that is SKIN tight and takes you 10mins to put on being too big. It's pretty funny, actually. Again, the sales guy doesn't like it. Not to mention, I started with the top of the line Blue Seventy and downgraded to try this size on from 2xu - I wasn't happy with the feel.


Next up.... the Zoot Zenith, Size Small. I decided to go right for the smaller one, to try to avoid the too big problems.

Have you ever tried to put a WET WETSUIT on? Hmmm, I'm not even sure I can describe it, other than it is NOT fun. Ask Melisa - she watched me. We did however, learn one good trick.

Buddy up for wetsuit fitting. Basically once the suit is up, you put your arm out to the other person and push against them while they pull the arms up properly, as if it were a nylon. It works perfectly!

And who would of known. The damn PINK wetsuit fits me like a glove. Finally, 3 wetsuits later I get to go in the pool. Man, is that pool fun. You get to watch yourself in mirrors & see your form.
The swim felt effortless with this new fancy suit on.

As I'm drying off Momo says, "Uh... we're gonna have to find some more cold water races to justify this suit." Why? How much is it? $599!
You have got to be F'ING kidding me? So, I decide I need to at least TRY some other suits on.

Next up. The Helix size Small.... 20mins later. I am So not getting this thing on me. I was exhausted. Sore, and HUNGRY. I'm ready to spend the money and buy the silly PINK suit.

The sales guy says, hang on..... one more. So, he does have the 2xu Elite, size small.

10mins later, I squeeze into this thing. With help, of course - Now that I am sweating like a pic and have no more arm strength. I step out of the room only to hear those same words again...
"Nope, I don't like that."

Same problem, the gap in my armpit area. Guess it's a good thing they were out of stock of the Medium, since my itty bitty BOOBS can't even fill out the stinking size SMALL!

So, there you have it folks. $527 later I have my new wetsuit. And it's Pink... a dream come true for momo. Now, just my luck our swim caps in CDA will be pink...

All I have to say is I will be finding some cold water to swim in, and it better make me have a DAMN FAST SWIM SPLIT!!!


Spokane Al said...

I think you should have waited another week or so before shopping for a wet suit. That would have given you even more practice of working under pressure.

Glad you got a suit that fit.

momo said...

we should write a book about our adventures, now that we have another one coming up!!!!!!!

and that suit... you're FAST in that suit! :-)