Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Miss thing and "stuff"

It's been 1 week since we got our new baby girl, Juliette. Things couldn't be going any more smoothly. Actually, I take that back. For an 8 year old dog, she sure doesn't like to sleep through the night. While I've never been a good sleeper anyway, she's still driving me nuts moving around the (our) bed all night long. It's MADDENING.

But, other than that and the fact she has decided she's allowed on our bed any time her little heart desires, she's an exceptionally good dog. Which, is saying a LOT for a Vizsla. She's learning how to run, although if she had it her way she would absolutely do with OUT the gentle leader. We've built her up to about 2 miles, but she isn't much for pacing so it's gonna take a bit to get her past that.

On Saturday we are all heading out to Gilbert for the 12k's of Christmas run. I have wanted to bring Baxter to a road race that allows "paws" for as long as I can remember, but either the ones I found didn't work out with our schedules or he was on the injured list. Not this time. Even if it is the morning after Shane's work Holiday party we will all be there with bells and sparkle and lots of red and green on. I think I'm more excited about our outfits than anything else. Shane & Baxter will be RACING the 6k, and after Baxter's appearance banditing some of the Fiesta Bowl Half marathon on Sunday all I can say is WATCH OUT BITCHES. My dog is going to pass you.

Juliette and I will be doing a leisurely 1.2k. We will look cute though. And, isn't that really all that matters?

So, Juliette is just a HOOT. She absolutely LOVES to play. My living room looks like a playground filled with toys. She has taken over all of Abby's old dog bones, which just makes my heart melt. When we get home she is so excited she that she shakes her whole body with joy. I call her "little miss thing" cause well, she kinda is just THAT.

We are however, getting her to be a little less little. She sure does love her food and has most certainly figured out where all the goodies are. Pretty sure Baxter trained her on that. I've caught the two snuggling on more than one occasion, but if ask Baxter about his "dog" he will roll his eyes at you, or ignore your question. He's snotty like that. I know he loves her though.

In other non-dog exciting news - training has been going great. Our coach sure is keeping us go go going through this "off season." While I haven't overdone it, or done much if any speedwork, I do feel like I'm building a nice solid base. After a failed attempt at "bike week," (we made it 4/6 rides but did get in a 4hr ride!) she has threatened to give us another one before year end. I'm not sure if that will actually happen or not with our annual Holiday in Mexico coming up in just a little over 2 weeks! Either way I have a feeling I will be a lot less hurt and trashed for the Answer to the Challenge this year. Mingus Mountain, I'm coming to get you.

I do however feel confident we are going to hit my goals of 5k biking & 1k running. To date totals as of this am are: Cycling Distance: 4879.40 Mi and Running Distance: 964.08 Mi

Did you notice the red and green theme? Yah, I'm being festive this year. We even put up our fancy tree at home this year (re: fancy only because we have a Charlie Brown tree we put up in. Mexico). And, like I said above I'm TOTALLY excited for the 12k run and we are ALL dressing up. I stalked the waiter at Oreganos on Sunday so I could copycat his Santa Hat. It's not just ANY Santa hat, but you'll have to wait to see the pictures. So.CUTE. Shane might end up looking a little bit gay, but gay is usually pretty hot, right? Anyways...

It's cold in AZ. I don't think it's any more cold than any other winter, but after this summer's training I'm completely ruined. I'm cold all the time. I wear more layers than I've ever worn in my life, even when it's 50degrees out. This am, I rode when it was 47degrees. I wore tights over my shorts, a long sleeve undershirt, a fleece long sleeve jersey, vest, ear warmers, long fingered gloves and toe warmers. I'm still cold and sitting at my desk in sweats with a blanket on my legs. I suppose a shower would help, but I think those are over-rated. At least before it's dark outside, anyways.

I'm so looking forward to getting back to Mexico. My liver is even trained for the bender relaxing vacation. Tis the Season. Even if it includes a day where I get closer to my "mid 30's" than my "early 30's." LAME. I'm crazy excited for my girl Amanda and her good "friend" to come ring in the New Year with us as well. We still have one room open - HINT HINT.

And one last little thought I'll leave you with. I did my tax estimates yesterday and while my income was less than the previous year's due to lack of work flow and the economy, blah blah... I apparently didn't "spend" as much either cause I need to increase my expenses. And, wouldn't you know that my computer is a POS and I think I'm finally getting talked into the cool kid club.


Need I say more? I'm just hoping it means I don't have to hit "CONTROL_ALT_DELETE" an average of 10 times per day. It interrupts my Scrabble time, ya know?

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