Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dog Days of Christmas

It's been a beautiful few days here in Mexico. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Clear blue skies, temps around 70degrees and calm waters. The trip started out a little rough with Shane catching the stomach flu I had the week before Christmas. He did his best to rally and celebrate my birthday in traditional Mexico style, however his limits were reached when he left me with a fully raring fire on the deck at 7:45 pm on my birthday and went to bed. He knows I'm not going to let him live THAT one down.

All joking aside, he's feeling much better and I actually got him out of the house last night for Margaritas at the Lighthouse restaurant overlooking the town and beaches, followed by dinner at our favorite place, Reginas. Today might be the last perfect weather day as we're expected to have some rain storms tomorrow and cooler temps for the weekend. However, the sun will be back out come Thursday and we have some great friends coming to celebrate and ring in the new year. We need all the help we can get to stay up until midnight these days. I'm so excited to share our happy place with this group of peeps, and truth be told after a week of being honeymooned up with each other, I'm sure it is good for us to have others around. Nuf said :-)

Juliette has found her little piece of heaven here on the beaches of Las Conchas. This is our 4th dog we've brought here over the past several years and I think her excitement tops them all. She is pretty brave jumping in the cold waters to chase the birds and having endless miles of sandy beach at her disposal is just the icing on the cake. I had no idea that girl could run so FAST, but I am convinced she's been sandbagging a little bit on our runs.

I've had some great runs, including my 10mile birthday run. I had experience a weird back injury/pain the few days leading up to our trip so I was really uncomfortable and a little saddened that my birthday run might not happen. It's healing up quite nicely so I'm taking advantage of getting some extra running miles in here. Must offset all the extra liquid, chips and tortilla calories. I have no doubt I'll be fired up and ready to hit the training hard as soon as we get back! For now I'm just trying to enjoy this down time without going crazy being lazy!

Enjoy some of our fun holiday pics of the kids at Christmas :-)

My traditional birthday lunch and margarita at the Blue Marlin

Santa Paws hooked the doggies up!

Juliette was a great sport posing for the camera in this SILLY hat.

Probably because she knew she'd be rewarded with a trip to the beach that evening!

Typical Baxter, guarding his beach...

and... posing for the camera

I hope all of your holidays were as bright, sunny and happy! Next up.... the New Years Celebration (blog rated, of course).

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Molly said...

Wonderful!!! so happy to see you guys having fun!