Thursday, December 2, 2010

Icing on the cake

Tis the season to be jolly (and fat), right? RIGHT.

So, I think my body has gone into complete crappy sugar withdrawals. After training hard from Jan-August and shoving everything imaginable into my mouth to keep from bonking, especially on the bike I may have turned myself into a complete and utter SUGAR addict.

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a chocolate girl. I blame my increase love for dessert on my bff from college Erin who would choose ice cream and cake over dinner if she had the choice. Taking that to a whole new level I also blame my husband. He claims he was ruined by a good friend he worked with years ago who insisted that some sort of dessert was NECESSARY after each meal. Lunch & dinner. Myself, I would never turn down an offer for a piece of gooey chocolate cake, but most of the other stuff I could walk away from.

Until recently....

So here I am, the result of living with two complete sugar heads for the last 13 years. Top that off with a year of stuffing myself like clock work with sugary calories and I'm a lost cause. I think I've been blaming my chocolate addition as of late on "that time of the month," but if I'm being honest, that's really only a few days and my cravings are far beyond a few days of each month right now.

And now, I seem to be having all sorts of other, NON chocolate cravings. Like. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but last night I was coming out of the grocery store - a QUICK trip to replenish our triple sec so Shane could make me a lemon drop (seeing a pattern here? even a SUGARY DRINK) - as I was walking to the exit I turn to the right and there is a case of donuts.

DONUTS, really? My mouth actually started to water. I honestly can not even tell you the last time I ate a donut. Probably about the last time I ate a burger, or maybe even longer. After being completely grossed out at myself for even THINKING that maple bar looked good I ran to my car and was home with a much better alternative (cocktail) in my hand. And, I made myself feel a little better by offsetting my sugary drinks by making grilled chicken and spinach salad for dinner. Totally ='s ok, right?

Don't worry, I have a few other tricks in the bag. Peanut butter and chocolate. I've always had a bp&c obsession - but I find myself DROOLING at the thought of anything with those two ingredients. I have a theory on this too. All those damn energy bars I've consumed in the last few years were of course, PB & C. SO - my alternative to this yummy goodness in the picture, is making my famous PB&C protein smoothie.

The fastest most yummy way to get a healthy portion of calories and protein in your system. Ice plus 1 big scoop of chocolate rice protein powder, scoop of PB & Rice chocolate milk blended in the magic bullet. Pure heaven....

So - what's a girl to do? Get fat and happy and truly enjoy the holidays or get my ass back out on the bike so I can resume my regular scheduled crappy sugar consumption?

Thank God I signed up for a mid year Ironman, otherwise I might just turn into one of these.....and need a new wardrobe cause none of my jeans will fit anymore.


Anonymous said...

oh man, I completely understand! Especially after Thanksgiving - even though I am running more my jeans are still tighter than I would like. Need to get rid of sugar addiction asap! If you can do it, I can do it too :) btw - LOVE lemon drop martinis

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