Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 e21 Triathlon Team

I just found out last night that I was selected along with 24 other athletes to be part of the new 2011 e21 triathlon Team! I'm crazy excited for this opportunity and can't wait to meet the rest of my teammates.

I first heart the 'buzz' around this company, Arcadian Nutraceuticals, specifically their first product marketed in the US e21 Recovery, on Facebook (of course).

I was invited to "like" the product by a friend of a friend, and soon there after I was getting to read all the updates via the company, but most importantly, the product reviews posted by fellow athletes.

Soon I was linked up with Michelle Simmons and started following her blog. I found out she is good friends with a local friend and triathlete here in AZ, AND we are all doing Ironman CDA this year! A month or so after all this happened I was reading THIS post by Michelle. I've always been intrigued by the idea of being part of a sponsored team. I mean what's not to like? Promote and be a part of a great company and group of people doing something you love? Win Win, right?
What I liked most about the idea of this team was the product behind it. An organic electrolyte replacement capsule. With all the STUFF we put into our bodies to keep them fueled, hydrated, sugared and salted something that simple sounds fabulous, huh?

After submitting my application I received a note from Michelle, the tri team coordinator, that they were going to ship out sample packets of e21 to try the product out and wanted our feedback. I asked Michelle a few questions about dosage and what she thought of the results and after hearing what she had to say, I was VERY excited to try it out.

It just happened to be bike week when I received the sample packet. Bike week in the off season, that is. Legs were used to riding about 50-75miles (assuming I made all the workouts) per week and we were on tap for about 200+. The timing couldn't be better to try out the product.

While our rides were not too long, and the weather was cool so I wasn't needing any extra salt or electrolytes, I did take 2 pills each day. My legs were certainly tired, but what I can say is that I was far better off than my other half, Shane. By day 3 I was still feeling pretty strong and actually had Shane take a couple of the pills. He also said he noticed a difference in how his legs felt later that night. At least I could say it wasn't just in my head!

I'm very excited to use this product this spring as our AZ temps heat up. If anyone has ever trained with me or read this blog, you know how much salt I sweat, and how many salt pills I consume during my long rides and runs. After a few hours of trying to overcome salt loss headaches and popping those big pills like mad, swallowing those pills can be a bit much. Stay tuned for my followup reviews of e21 Recovery as well as their Joint Health Product.

We can all use a little help, right? I have a feeling my auto shipments are going to go quickly when Shane sees my results :-)

P.S. I haven't seen any art for our team kits yet... but I have a feeling I might be seen wearing just a bit of the unthinkable... *based on the logo*


Anonymous said...

Now that we are teammates and most likely live down the street from one another I think we should actually meet in person sometime :) Congrats on getting on the team!!

Michelle Simmons said...

Love it! So glad to have you as part of the team Krista! :)

Molly said...

Yay again! So far from who I've seen selected, I love this team!

I was wondering what our background color will be...all their stuff is white!

jessithompson said...


My Life and Running said...

Yay Krista! So excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about it... and maybe bum a sample! :)

Ginger said...

Congrats Krista!! I'm on the team too!! AND also a DogMom to two awesome Goldens!!!


Michael Hoffman said...

Congrats! I am on the team as well!