Friday, December 31, 2010

Felíz año nuevo

After a slightly less than perfect 2009, 2010 has been nothing short of incredible. While we've had our losses and sad times with the loss of our baby girl Abby, we've also ended the year rewarded with the beautiful red dog and Baxter partner in crime, Juliette.

We're fortunate to spend our New Years in our favorite place, with one of our favorite persons, Amanda. While the weekend did take a strange change in events when we went from a full house of 8, somehow we're down to 3. From car problems and friends being stranded by on the side of the road and towed home - to work emergencies and only a 16hour stay in Mexico for another friend. Either way, we have our girl A with us, and Baxter is ecstatic for his midnight makeout session.

My morning started out with a 9mile run to prime myself for the festivities. It was the perfect start to a day of celebration and to end a year of all things great. I added the miles to my log and made my year end tallies. I'm proud and happy to say I achieved my goals of 5000bike miles & 1000 run miles by year end. The final results are:

Bike: 5100.1, Run: 1018.42 and Swim: 318,648 yards.

I am very much looking forward to a happy, healthy and FUN 2011. Cheers everyone!


Molly said...

Happy new year and congrats on all you accomplished this year!!!

My Life and Running said...

So inspiring Krista - congrats on hitting those goals! :) Did Amanda convince you to try some New Year's Day yoga??