Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got lungs?

So.... this whole remodel thing we've got going on.... Yah, not so good for the old allergy-crazy asthma lungs. BUT, on a good note, everything with this project has gone WAY better than expected (minus the lung problems), and we are so excited about it all! Pictures soon, I promise... I'm waiting on Shane to load them!

Last Thursday Shane tore out some old carpet from his office closet, as well as the spare room/workout room. The only two spaces in the house we had carpet left. WE WILL NEVER EVER have carpet again.

After he finished the closet, he asked me to sweep it. I paused for a minute, and almost said - prolly not a good idea - but I sucked it up (the motto of 2008) and went in. I felt bad cause he was in tearing up the bedroom stuff, and well.. with this kinda stuff I'm kinda useless to him. I knew what he had in store for the next couple of days putting in the pergo, and again.. I wouldn't be much help.

I KNEW it wasn't smart to go sweeping up that room up. I knew I would prolly pay for it.. but I did in anyway. I did go VERY slowly trying not to stir up too much stuff... but within minutes I knew I was in trouble.

I spent the next 3 days wheezing and hacking, and living on my inhaler, puffing every 4 hours. I felt awful. I couldn't get much air, and it was making me SO tired. On Saturday we went for Krista is wanting to kick ass on her bike long ride #2. We stopped for some more water about 2hours into the ride and as soon as I stopped, my lungs kinda seized. I felt like I couldn't get air past my chest and was coughing up some not so pleasant stuff....

Strangely, when we started riding again, I actually felt better (or at least that is what I told myself). Denial is a wonderful thing you know. But, as soon as the ride ended, I knew it was BAD. Cough, cough. I sounded like a smoker with emphysema pulling out the xopenex like it was candy.

I made an appt with my PCP on Monday, first thing. Unfortunately, my Dr is in Bejing working with those uber fancy Olympic Athletes so he wasn't able to take care of little old me - but they fit me in with another DR.

While my DR is pretty easy going, you are fine kinda attitude, this guy was NOT liking what he heard with my lungs..... His conclusion - Bronchitis via allergies.

Hence the following remedies:

1 Injection of prednisone to get immediate opening of the airway
1 Chest x-ray
1 script for steroids (week dose)
1 new steroid inhaler (A.K.A. CRACK)
1 Z-pack antibiotics (apparently the airway was so small he feared infection, aka pneumonia)

Oh - and I wish I had a camera when I asked him about exercise. It was priceless. Very obvious he's not my normal Doc. He so doesn't know how Krista rolls.

BUT, I even had Shane on my side for this one. Dr. prescribed sit on my ass and inhale MORE remodel air or... just be a little smarter, and only go SWIM, cause that's not that taxing.

Guess who won :-)

The good news. The meds have been working. While I'm still not 100%, I'm realizing that my lungs have had some issues for a while now. The steroids are REALLY opening up my airways. I'm excited to see how I'll feel after the full dosing.

Up next.... remodel pictures, I promise!


Flatman said...

Man...that sucks. We dealt with all that crap with my son for a few years (inhalers, breathing treatments, meds, etc...) and it sucks. Glad you are feeling a little better!

Can't wait to see the pics of the remodel...

kt said...


Hope those lungs feel better. That can be scary stuff if it progresses too far.

Feel better!

momo said...

k, wait. the doctor said you're supposed to swim and you've already planned out krista is going to kick momo's ass yet again ride #3?

gimme the doc's number i want to call him. ;-)

J~Mom said...

I have had that illness many a time. I hope you feel 100% better soon!

Duane said...

Heal soon!

Supalinds said...

LOL - you rock! I love it!

Steve Stenzel said...

Damn allergies. I'm just glad I'm not training for IM and redoing our kitchen like last summer....